Network, Learn and Get Inspired

Toxics Action Center hosts a variety of events throughout the year to bring citizen activists together to network, learn new skills and strategies, and be inspired to work for cleaner, safer communities.  There are hundreds of other citizens throughout New England who are standing up to powerful polluters, who share similar concerns and who are also working to improve their communities. 

Environmental Action Conferences

Toxics Action Center, along with other local environmental groups, hosts a series of conferences each year.  Our Fall conference, the Vermont Environmental Summit is in Vermont and our Spring conference, Local Environmental Action, is in Massachusetts. These conferences are two of the largest grassroots gatherings in New England.   The events bring together more than 500 activists, community leaders, and experts. At the event, participants are able to meet other activists and citizens just like them, working to tackle the same issues.   You'll take part in interactive workshops covering the hottest environmental issues, ranging from Zero Waste to protecting local parks and waters to local food. We also offer advanced skills sessions to augment our in-the-field training, like how to work with the media, fundraise, and a host of other skills. Stay tuned for information on our 2015 conference! 

"The seeds of change are sown when we come together at the annual conference to connect and learn from our experiences. I get inspired and invigorated to go back to my community and stand up for what’s right. The conference is like a giant grassroots harvest!"
Lori Ehrlich, Healthlink and State Representative.

Our conferences are also a forum for policy makers and leading experts.  Recent guests have included Dr. Sandra Steingraber, internationally recognized ecologist and cancer expert; Dr. Jonathan Isham, a national leader in organizing around climate issues; and Judy Bonds, Co-Director of Coal River Mountain Watch and anti-mountain top removal activist.

Leadership Retreats

Each year we invite some of our activists to a special retreat designed especially for up and coming leaders.  There we hold advanced training and workshops on group building, networking with other communities and groups, and above all, leadership.  Retreat attendees gain valuable skills and insights into running an effective community group, and emerge better equipped to continue their campaigns for the long haul.