We're here to get you trained and organized.

Even in the face of powerful polluters and unresponsive government, we’ve learned that when residents come together, form a group, get their voices heard, organize, set goals and make a plan, we can win.

Toxics Action Center is here to work side by side with communities, providing the skills and resources needed to help citizens and communities achieve their vision of a healthy, safe environment. We organize residents to not only defend their health and safety, but to think strategically and work for proactive, positive change. Our staff will work with you and your neighbors to build a unique campaign plan that achieves your goals.

Organizing Assistance

The core of our work takes place on-site, in the homes of concerned residents. Our organizers come directly to local citizens, training and guiding you through the process of creating a group and running a campaign. We provide seven formal group organizing programs, as well as numerous trainings tailored to your community’s specific needs.
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Network of Experts

We connect neighborhood groups with other activists working on similar campaigns to build confidence and share lessons, ideas and information. We also maintain an expert referral list with legal, public health and environmental professionals who help local groups pro bono or at a reduced fee.
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Our annual conferences and weekend trainings pull all of our services together. By bringing together hundreds of activists, expert government officials, skilled trainers and big-name speakers, the conferences give attendees a deeper understanding of environmental issues, an introduction to a larger movement, new skills, the opportunity to meet directly with government regulators, and inspiration to keep going.
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