We maintain a database and reference materials that detail environmental threats and provide information about public health, environmental laws, and regulations.


The Sooty Six Campaign in Connecticut Six Years Later (2008)

State Toxic Maps and Reports

Toxics in Vermont (2011)

Toxics in Massachusetts (2010)

Toxics in New Hampshire (2008)

Toxics in Rhode Island (2008)

Toxics in Connecticut (2007)

Statistics for Action

More About Statistics for Action

Soil Guide: Digging in the Dirt (2010)

Statistics for Action Activities (2010)

Statistics for Action Workshops (2010)


Natural Gas and Global Warming: A Review of Evidence Finds That Methane Leaks Undercut the Climate Benefits of Gas (2016)

Gas and Global Warming: Fact Sheet (2016)

Map: New Gas Infrastructure in New England (2016)

Reimagining Brayton Point: A guide to assessing reuse options for the Somerset community (2015)

Solid Waste & Zero Waste

Zero Waste Potential in Dorchester and Roxbury: The Boston Recycling Coalition Community Survey (2015)

Garbage and Recycling in Massachusetts Fact Sheet (2010)

Putting Waste to Work: Jobs in Vermont's Resource Recovery Sector (2010)

An Industry Blowing Smoke: 10 Reasons Why Gasification, Pyrolysis & Plasma Incineration Are Not "Green Solutions" (2009)

Moving Towards Zero: From Waste Management to Resource Recovery (2007)

Trash or Treasure (2005)

Casella: Coming To A Community Near You? (2005)


Chemical-Free Lakes: A Resource Guide to New Hampshires Invasive Aquatic Plants and Non-Toxic Treatment Alternatives (2012)

Pesticide Regulation in Vermont (2010)

Atrazine Fact Sheet (2010)

Clear As A Lake: A Resource Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plants and Non-Toxic Treatment Alternatives (2008)

Refuse to Use Chemlawn (2005)

Catching the Toxic Drift (2005)


Toxic Sludge in Our Communities: Threatening Public Health and Our Farmlands (2001)

Toxic Chemicals

Safe Chemicals, Better for Business (2011)

The Latest Facts on BPA Health and Exposure Report (2010)

The Facts on MBTE (2010)

The Facts on Lead (2010)


Vermont's Guide to Environmental Permitting of Junkyards Report (2010)

Dirty Dozen Awards

25 Years of the Dirty Dozen (2012)

Map of Dirty Dozen Sites (2012)

Dirty Decade Report (2007)

Citizen Guides

A Citizens' Guide to Town Hall Meetings (MA)

Industrial Toxics: How to Learn More About a Business' Toxic Use and Generation (2010)

A Citizens' Guide to the Clean Water Act (2010)

Public Laboratory Open Tools (2013)