1,400 Sign Letter to End Gas Pipeline Project


Rebecca Foster, Just Power, 646-468-3511

Paul Burns, Vermont Public Interest Research Group, 802-223-5221 ext 12.

Beth Thompson, Rutland Area Climate Coalition, 802-293-2695

Shaina Kasper, Toxics Action Center, 802-922-4780

Updated to note: People continued to sign the letter after the deadline, and all of the 1,500 signers as of January 9, 2016, are listed below.

Middlebury, Vermont — Just days before the Public Service Board is expected to make a major ruling on the Addison Natural Gas Project, more than 1,200 people added their names to a letter originally signed last month by business owners, nonprofit organizations, faith leaders, farmers, academics, and community representatives across Vermont asking Governor Peter Shumlin to pull his support for additional construction of the pipeline and stop at the 11-mile mark.

“For the health and economy of our state we wish to say, ‘Enough’,” reads the letter. Bill McKibben, the founder of 350.org, added, “The gas pipeline was planned in a different age, before we knew as much as we do now about the effects of fracking and methane on the atmosphere. It’s important to re-evaluate this project based on updated facts.”

More than 200 of the 1,400 signers are Vermont businesses, organizations, and community leaders wanting to “close this painful chapter in our state’s history and turn our positive energies toward a prosperous and sustainable future.” The signers include household names such as Ben & Jerry’s, American Flatbread, High Mowing Organic Seeds, AllEarth Renewables, Aqua Vitea, and Maple Wind Farm, as well as beloved local establishments such as Vermont Cookie Love, Northshire Bookstore, and Magnolia Bistro in Burlington.  Bill McKibben as well as several Vermont politicians signed, including candidate for Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman.  Vermont Interfaith Power and Light, town energy committees, and dozens of Vermont farms joined the call to stop construction.

“Please add my voice to those being raised in opposition to the gas pipeline,” commented David Rosen of Adirondack Guideboat in North Ferrisburg. “My company designs, builds and sells high-end rowing boats and we exhibit and sell them at shows all across the country. As a representative of the State of Vermont I often receive the admiration of others for our advanced environmental policies and values. I don’t find the Addison Natural Gas Project to be representative of those values or smart environmental policies.”

“Pipeline construction is at a common sense stopping point,” said Bobbie Carnwath, a member of the Cornwall Planning Commission.  The portion of the project that has already been constructed will be used for “looping” for existing customers, “but any added pipeline beyond that point would just drive up costs for current customers to bring in more fracked gas, when better alternatives are available today.” The project cost has increased to $154M since initial projections in 2011 of $60-$70M.  International Paper pulled its support for Phase II of the pipeline early in 2015 following a less substantial cost increase.  As a result, Vermont Gas already cancelled that leg of the project.

“Moving away from dirty fossil fuels and investing in local clean power is good for the economy, good for our earth, and good for Vermonters,” said Jon Erickson, Professor at UVM and Fellow of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. Investing in fossil fuel infrastructure prevents investments in green technologies, Dr. Erickson continued. “Energy from wind, solar, biomass, hydro, and geothermal systems promote in-state jobs and energy independence. They just make sense.”

New technologies like cold climate heat pumps, which have fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gas, have become readily available and more cost effective in the four years since Phase I of the pipeline was conceived. “The fracked gas pipeline proposal is outdated and out-of-touch with current economic and environmental realities,” said Ben Walsh of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG). “Spending tens of millions of dollars of ratepayers’ money to import fracked gas didn’t make sense when this pipeline was proposed, and it makes even less sense today.”

“Ultimately this is an issue of justice,” said Rev. Daniel Cooperrider, pastor of the Weybridge Congregational Church. “We have a shared moral responsibility to be vigilant in our stewardship of the earth. The call of our times now is to respond to the threat of climate change in a way that shows compassion for all life, now and for generations yet to come.”

Regardless of their political, religious, or other views, the signatories spoke in one voice calling on the Governor to adjust his energy policy so that it complies with the most up-to-date economic and scientific research and stops the pipeline at 11 miles.


The full text of the letter to the Governor is available here. Updated to note: People continued to sign the letter after the deadline, and all of the 1,500 signers as of January 9, 2016, are listed below.

Individual Signatories

Bonnie Acker; Burlington, VT

Claire Adams; Middlebury, VT

Marguerite Adelman; Winooski, VT

R.J. Adler; Middlebury, VT

Rich Aiken; Plainfield, VT

Bernardo Alayza Mujica; Surquillo, IA

Holt Albee; Burlington, VT

Margaret Albee; South Strafford, VT

Sarah Albert; Plainfield, VT

Elye Alexander; Craftsbury Common, VT

Alice Allen; East Ryegate, VT

Craig Allen; Bristol, VT

Leigha Allen; Westminster, VT

Philip Allen; Rutland, VT

Ted Allen; Montpelier, VT

Timothy Allen; Winooski, VT

Will Allen; East Thetford, VT

Miriam Almeleh; Shelburne, VT

Elizabeth Almeter; Bristol, VT

Corinne Almquist; Middlebury, VT

Paul Almquist; Middlebury, VT

David Alofsin; Essex Junction, VT

Bob Amelang; Rutland, VT

Edward Amirault; Ferrisburgh, VT

Debra Anderson; Bennington, VT

Johanna Anderson; Marshfield, VT

Molly Anderson; Middlebury, VT

Linda Anderson Krech; Monkton, VT

Deborah Andrew; Shelburne, MA

Jim Andrews; Salisbury, VT

Louise Andrews; Burlington, VT

Paul Angell; Plainfield, VT

Marcia Angermann; Poultney, VT

Alex Anlyan; Marshfield, VT

Dayle Ann Stratton; Brandon, VT

Jim Antal; Norwich, VT

Robert Appel; Williston, VT

Tiki Archambeau; Burlington, VT

Kelly and Kurt Armbrust; White River Junction, VT

Kate Arnold; Hardwick, VT

W. Dwight Aseltine; Burlington, VT

Bob Atchinson; Plainfield, VT

Jeanne Atchinson; Waterbury, VT

Nancy Audette; Burlington, VT

Judith Augsberg; Randolph, VT

Cynthia Baehr; Putney, VT

Cedric Baele; Hinesburg, VT

David and Barrie Bailey; Salisbury, VT

Dinah Bain; Bridport, VT

Christine Baker; Middlebury, VT

Jennifer Baker; Monkton, VT

Alex Balboa; Bel Air, MD

Mike Bald; Royalton, VT

Margo Baldwin; White River Junction, VT

Jan Louise Ball; Addison, VT

Hedi Ballantyne; Montpelier, VT

Tanya Balsley; Guilford, VT

Lorilla Banbury, Plainfield, VT

Elizabeth Bancroft; East Barre, VT

Christine Barnes; Northfield, VT

Larkin Barron; Middlebury, VT

Barbara Barry; Taftsville, VT

Bethany Barry; Brandon, VT

Jeannie Bartlett; Burlington, VT

Wesley Bascom; Cabot, VT

Behrooz Bassim; Potsdam, NY

Garry Bates; Georgia, VT

Alec Bauer; Burlington, VT

John Bauer; Waterbury, VT

David Bayer; Putney, VT

Tracey Beaudin; Shelburne, VT

Marc Beaupre; Monkton, VT

Susan Bechhoefer; Cornwall, VT

Nadya Beck; Worcester, VT

Peter Becker; Milton, VT

Alice Beisiegel; Williston, VT

Philip Beliveau; St George, VT

Ronald Bellefeuille; Irasburg, VT

Karin Bellemare; Barre, VT

Gretchen Beloin; New Haven, VT

John Benjamin; Fairlee, VT

Diane Bennink; Bristol, VT

Peggy Benoit; Rutland, VT

Anne Benson; Middlebury, VT

Meg Berlin; Charlotte, VT

Janet Bernhard; Richmond, VT

Jeremy Berube; Essex, VT

Kevin Bessett; Richmond, VT

Eric Bessette; Monkton, VT

Marty Bevis; Patterson, NY

Lindy Biggs; East Montpelier, VT

Eric Bingham; Burlington, VT

Dale Birdsall; Shoreham, VT

Paula Birdsall; Shoreham, VT

Mary Alice Bisbee; Montpelier, VT

Glenda Bissex; Plainfield, VT

Leila Black; Middlebury, VT

Arthur Blackhawk; Essex Junction, VT

Jennifer and Spencer Blackwell; Middlebury, VT

Louise Blake; Bristol, VT

Cindy Blakeslee; Bradford, VT

Jan Blanchard; Winooski, VT

Margaret Blanchard; Montpelier, VT

David Blittersdorf; Williston, VT

Mike Block; Starksboro, VT

Sherrill Blodget; Castleton, VT

Doug Blodgett; Wallingford, VT

Stuart Blood; Thetford Center, VT

Lucy Blue; Plainfield, VT

Liz Blum; Norwich, VT

Kathryn Blume; Charlotte, VT

Jean Bluto; Montpelier, VT

Catherine Bock; Charlotte, VT

Rodney L. Boise; New Haven, VT

Kristin Bolten; Cornwall, VT

Henry Bonges; Milton, VT

Matt Bonner; Cornwall, VT

Lucille Bonvouloir; Burlington, VT

Adam Bouchard; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Roger Bourassa; Colchester, VT

Donna Bourne; Burlington, VT

John Boutin; Fairlee, VT

David Boynton; Plainfield, VT

Nancy Braus; Putney, VT

Betsy Brigham; Marshfield, VT

Phoebe Bright; South Hero, VT

Louise Brill; Burlington, VT

Charlotte Brody; Burlington, VT

Christopher Broe; Burlington, VT

Ann Broekhuizen; Jericho, VT

Kristin Brosky; Plainfield, VT

Sylvia Broude; Boston, MA

Jan Brough; East Calais, VT

Claire Broughton; Monkton, VT

Alex Brown; East Montpelier, VT

Mike Brown; Burlington, VT

Tracy Brown; Burlington, VT

Becky Buchanan; Plainfield, VT

Chloe Budnick; Plainfield, VT

Karen Bufka; Saint Johnsbury, VT

Fran Bull Fitzgerald; Brandon, VT

Larken Bunce; Middlesex, VT

Sara Burchard; Burlington, VT

James Burde; Essex Junction, VT

Kevin Burget; Charlotte, VT

Wayne Burkey; Oriskany Falls, NY

Gail Burkholder; Southern Vermont, VT

Barbara Burnett; Montpelier, VT

Mary Burns; Treadwell, NY

Meg Burns; Middlebury, VT

Susan Burns; Middlebury, VT

Sam Burr; Monkton, VT

Sally Burrell; Bristol, VT

Sylvia Burrill; Shelburne, VT

Robert Burton; Cornwall, VT

Sue Burton; Burlington, VT

Marilyn Bush; Calais, VT

Kathleen Bushey; Bristol, VT

Marcia Bushnell; Strafford, VT

Scott Butts; South Burlington, VT

Richard Butz; Bristol, VT

Ginny Callan; E Montpelier, VT

Linda Callan; Saint Albans, VT

Lynn Camara; Bristol, VT

Tim Cameron; Danby, VT

Tim Camisa; St. Albans, VT

Carol Cannaveno; East Montpelier, VT

Ann Carlsmith; Hinesburg, VT

Jennifer Carpenter; South Burlington, VT

Renee Carpenter; Plainfield, VT

Phil Carr; Montpelier, VT

Jack Carter; Cornwall, VT

Sarah Carter; Windsor, VT

Marsha Cassel; Rutland, VT

John Casserly; Canton, NY

Thomas Cate; Montpelier, VT

Weston Cate; Plainfield, VT

Nick Cavanaugh; Burlington, VT

Gordon Cawood; Middlebury, VT

Rick Ceballos; Bristol, VT

Marta Ceroni; Norwich, VT

Clarisse Chaechter; Bristol, VT

Elizabeth Champagne; St. Johnsbury, VT

Thomas Champlin; Cabot, VT

Claire Chang; Gill, MA

Tiff Chang; Middlebury, VT

Jonathan Chapin; New Haven, VT

Libby Chapin; Post Mills, VT

John Chard; Brattleboro, VT

Steve and Andrea Charest; Burlington, VT

Chris Charuk; Williston, VT

Katharine Chasan; Burlington, VT

David Chase; Burlingtom, VT

Margaret Chatelain; Bristol, VT

Judy Chaves; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Alison Cheroff-Wilson; Windsor, VT

Louis Cherry; Calais, VT

Rob Chesebrough; Hollis, NH

Craig Chevrier; Hinesburg, VT

Dana Christel; Burlington, VT

Carol Christensen; Middlebury, VT

Bill Christian; North Bennington, VT

Anne Christie; East Middlebury, VT

Jennifer Chudnow; Richmond, VT

Carrie Clabaugh; Colchester, VT

Annie Claghorn; Leicester, VT

Eli Clare; Hinesburg, VT

Betty Clark; Rutland, VT

Diana Clark; Bristol, VT

Rick Clark; Monkton, VT

W. Gregor Clark; Middlebury, VT

Virginia Clarke; Richmond, VT

Malinda Clatterbuck; Holtwood, PA

Carolyn Claxton; Huntington, VT

Barbara Clearbridge; Middlebury, VT

Tim Clemens; Shoreham, VT

Dora Coates; Charlotte, VT

Dave Cobb; Bristol, VT

Jock Cochran; Guilford, VT

Dorothy Coe De Hernandez; Burlington, VT

Peggy Cohen; Burlington, VT

Mary Colbeck; Strafford, VT

Chelsea Colby; Middlebury, VT

Abigail Colihan; Montpelier, VT

Carol Collins; Dover, DE

David Colman; Middlebury, VT

Joanna Colwell; Middlebury, VT

Gillian Comstock; Lincoln, VT

Russell Comstock; Lincoln, VT

Anne Connelli; South Strafford, VT

Theresa Connelly; Middlebury, VT

Ross Conrad; Middlebury, VT

Victoria Conti; Barre, VT

Claudia Cooper; Middlebury, VT

Elizabeth Cooper; Middletown Springs, VT

Linda Cooper; Burlington, VT

Daniel Cooperrider; Weybridge, VT

Glenna Copeland; Burington, VT

Dale Copps; Windsor, VT

Jonathan Corcoran; Bristol, VT

Keil Corey; Montpelier, VT

Martha Correll; Bristol, VT

Art Corriveau; Charlotte, VT

Dr. James Corven; Belmont, VT

Sean Costello; Addison, VT

Melanie Cote; North Ferrisburg, VT

Bonnie Cousins; East Dummerston, VT

Gay Elizabeth and Greg Cox; West Rutland, VT

Louis Cox; Charlotte, VT

Gideon Crevoshay; Plainfield, VT

Susan Crockenberg; Charlotte, VT

Brad Crosby; Rochester, VT

Kevin Cross; Richmond, VT

Nan Crowell; Middlebury, VT

Deborah Crown; Sharon, VT

Joanna Cummings; Shelburne, VT

Terence, Kari, Nina, Olivia, Est Cuneo; Williston, VT

Jean Cunningham; Hinesburg, VT

Eileen Curtis; Charlotte, VT

Diane Cushman; Bristol, VT

Donna Dailey; Merrimack, NH

Rebecca Dalgin; Montpelier, VT

Sean Dalton; Vershire, VT

James Daly; Middlebury, VT

Bunny Daubner; Bristol, VT

Jill Davies; Woodstock, VT

Jennifer Davis; Randolph, VT

Pamela Davis; Middlebury, VT

Raven Davis; Charlotte, VT

Robert Davis; Hinesburg, VT

Cindy Day; Hinesburg, VT

Fletcher Dean; E. Calais, VT

Tom Dean; Waitsfield, VT

John Decicco; Brandon, VT

Patricia DeGogorza; East Calais, VT

Gerald DeGraff; Hinesburg, VT

Beth Delano; Worcester, VT

Robert Demic; Bristol, VT

Michele Denault-Reynolds; Saint Albans, VT

Ginny Denham; Underhill, VT

Gregory Dennis; Middlebury, VT

Susan Leigh Deppe, MD; Colchester, VT

Diane Derrick; Hinesburg, VT

Evelyn Des Marais; Brandon, VT

Sylvie Desautels; Tunbridge, VT

Jack DesBois; Middlebury, VT

April Desclos; Underhill, VT

Deborah Desimone; Huntersville, NC

Tom DeSoto; Middlebury, VT

Susan Detato; Orleans, VT

Lauren Dever; Danby, VT

Karlene Devine; Ferrisburgh, VT

Meghan Dewald; Burlington, VT

Susan Dewind; Middlebury, VT

Victoria DeWind; Middlebury, VT

Sonia DeYoung; Burlington, VT

Lee Diamond; Richmond, VT

Joyce Dicianna; Bristol, VT

Jordan Dickinson; Dorset, VT

Robert Dickinson; South Windsor, CT

Mary DiFelici; Huntington, VT

Judith Dimario; Fayston, VT

Terrence Dinnan; Charlotte, VT

Carol DiPirro; Merrimack, NH

Nancy Disenhaus; Montpelier, VT

Rachel DiStefano; Randolph Center, VT

Warren Dixon; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Stacey Dobek; Middlebury, VT

Anne Donegan; Hinesburg, VT

Mary Donnelly; Burlington, VT

Bob Donnis; Bristol, VT

Michael Doran; Vergennes, VT

Eugenie Doyle; Bristol, VT

Kathleen Doyle; Middletown Springs, VT

Marge Drexler; Cornwall, VT

Stephen Dube; Roxbury, VT

James Duclos; Cornwall, VT

Brian Duerr; Hinesburg, VT

Kate Duesterberg; East Thetford, VT

Susan Duhamel; New Ipswich, NH

Ann Dumaresq; Shoreham, VT

John Dunham; Bristol, VT

Keith Dunlop; Burlington, VT

Nicole Dunnan; Hancock, VT

Louis DuPont; Starksboro, VT

Dana Dwinell-Yardley; Montpelier, VT

Alice Eckles; Middlebury, VT

Joan Eckley; West Haven, VT

Jacob Edgar; Charlotte, VT

Liz Edsell; Montpelier, VT

Irvin Eisenberg; Montpelier, VT

Linda Elbow; West Glover, VT

Mary Eldredge; Springfield, VT

Russell Elek; Athens, OH

Paul Eley; East Montpelier, VT

Gretchen Elias; Montpelier, VT

Rosalie Elkinton; Plainfield, VT

David Ellenbogen; Calais, VT

Virginia Elliott; East Burke, VT

Betsy Emerson; Richmond, VT

Julia Emilo; Middlebury, VT

Peter Erb; Hinesburg, VT

Whitney Ericson; Middlebury, VT

Anne Erikson; Corinth, VT

Paul Erlbaum; East Montpelier, VT

Phyllis Erwin; Guilford, VT

Lauren Esserman; Richmond, VT

Christine Esten; South Ryegate, VT

Alice Evans; Waitsfield, VT

Sue Evans; Middlebury, VT

Sabra Ewing; Vershire, VT

Laura Fair-Schulz; Potsdam, NY

Audrey Famette; Montpelier, VT

Katherine Fanelli; Belin, VT

Emory Fanning; Middlebury, VT

Chad Farrell; Burlington, VT

Laura Farrell; Bristol, VT

Robin Fawcett; Burlington, VT

Charen Fegard; Richmond, VT

Deborah Felmeth; Waltham, VT

David Fenn; Hinesburg, VT

Gin Ferrara; South Burlington, VT

Theodore Fetter; Montpelier, VT

Mary Fettig; East Montpeler, VT

Donna Fialkoff; Shelburne, VT

Eric Filkowski; Waterbury Center, VT

Bob Fireovid; South Hero, VT

Larry Fisher; Richmond, VT

Martin Fisher; Jericho, VT

Timothy Fisher; Cornwall, VT

Miranda Fisk; Hinesburg, VT

Allen Fitz-Gerald; Jay, NY

Mark Fitzgerald; Burlington, VT

Rachel Fives; Ithaca, NY

Naomi Flanders; East Montpelier, VT

Russ Flanigan; Williston, VT

Caitlin Flood; Woodbury, VT

Lisa Flood; East Calais, VT

Patrick Flood; Woodbury, VT

Barbara Forauer; Hinesburg, VT

Elaine Forbush; Middlebury, VT

Polly(Mary) Forcier; Quechee, VT

Kathy Fortin, Middlebury, VT

Rebecca Foster; Charlotte, VT

Catlin Fox; Leicester, VT

Lydia Fox; Middlebury, VT

Colton Francis; Rutland, VT

Elizabeth Frank; Orwell, VT

Clary Franko; Burlington, VT

Jay Frater; Monkton, VT

Suki Fredericks; Leicester, VT

Daniel Fredman; Burlington, VT

John Freidin; Middlebury, VT

Ken French; Charlotte, VT

Gina Frey; Amherst, NH

James Frick; Charlotte, VT

Stuart Friedman; Montpelier, VT

Brenda Frost; Thetford Center, VT

Ehrhard Frost; Thetford Center, VT

Lisa Frost; Montpelier, VT

Bronwyn Fryer; Montpelier, VT

Marilyn Fuller; Middlebury, VT

Theodor Gabler; Bristol, VT

Joseph Gainza; Plainfield, VT

Stephanie Gallas; Vergennes, VT

Barbara Ganley; Middlebury, VT

Lisa Gannon; Richmond, VT

Mara Gans; Middlebury, VT

Pauline Garber; Hardwick, VT

Oscar Garcia; Saint Johnsbury, VT

Geoffrey Gardner; Bradford, VT

Diane Gayer; Burlington, VT

Deborah Gaynor; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Mary Gelder; Westmont, IL

Mary Gerdt; North Ferrisburg, VT

Robert Gerlin; Cornwall, VT

Kelci Gibbard; Winooski, VT

Brock Gibian; Burlington, VT

Wesley Gifford; Rutland, VT

Pat Gilbert; Richmond, VT

Brian Gill; Cornwall, VT

Mary Gill; Middlebury, VT

Ryan Gillard; Plainfield, VT

Forrest Gilruth; Montpelier, VT

Tina Gilson; Wells River, VT

Linda Gionti; Huntington, VT

Donald Glauber; Middlebury, VT

Karen Glauber; Middlebury, VT

Benjamin Gleekel; Minneapolis, MN

Cynthia Glenn; Merrimack, NH

Lucy Gluck; Burlington, VT

Gabriel Godwyne; Putney, VT

Tevan Goldberg; Middlebury, VT

Raymond Gonda; South Burlington, VT

Patricia Goodrich; Randolph, VT

Wendy Goodwin; Middlebury, VT

Margaret Gordon; Hinesburg, VT

Barbara Gordon-O’Connor; Mansfield, MA

Robin Gorges; Montpelier, VT

Deborah Gorsline; East Montpelier, VT

Deborah Goudreau; Hinesburg, VT

Gretchen Gould; Shrewsbury, VT

Schuyler Gould; Barre, VT

Steve Gould; Chelsea, VT

Tess Gouvin; Essex Junction, VT

Jennifer Grace; Charlotte, VT

Ben Graham; Plainfield, VT

Jon Graham; Rochester, VT

Valerie Graham; Charlotte, VT

Barbara Grant; Burlington, VT

Sarah Gratz; Middlebury, VT

Nicholas Gray; Winooski, VT

Rosanne Greco; South Burlington, VT

Sharyl Green; Burlington, VT

John Greenberg; Brattleboro, VT

Audrey Greene; Windsor, MA

Scott Greene; Orwell, VT

Vickie Greenhouse; Bristol, VT

Susanna Griefen; East Dummerston, VT

Karen Grimmit; Middlebury, VT

George Gross; Shoreham, VT

Jennifer Grossi; Bradford, VT

Nancy Grossi; Van Nuys, CA

Amy Grube; Windham, NH

Stanley Grzyb, MD; Cornwall, VT

Paula Guarnaccia; Middlebury, VT

Marguerite Guidry; Montpelier, VT

Zach Guillian; Burlington, VT

Kathleen Guinness; Poultney, VT

David Gusakov; Bristol, VT

Marcia Gustafson; Burlington, VT

Bud Haas; Bradford, VT

Susan Hacker; Chester, VT

Philip Hadley; Middlebury, VT

Alan Haggard; San Diego, CA

John Halasz; Montpelier, VT

Rebecca Hall; Castelton, VT

Patty Hallam; Middlebury, VT

Emily Haller; Huntington, NY

Gwendolyn Hallsmith; Montpelier, VT

John Hamerslough; Richmond, VT

Lawrence Hamilton; Charlotte, VT

Linda Hamilton; Charlotte, VT

John Hancock; Morrisville, VT

April Hancy; Barre, VT

Jim Hand; East Dorset, VT

Elizabeth Hansen; East Calais, VT

Art Hanson; Lansing, MI

Natalie Hanson; Lansing, MI

Reed Hanson; Burlington, VT

Barbara Harding; Middlebury, VT

Betsy Hardy; Richmond, VT

Steve Hare; Middlebury, VT

Kevin Harper; Bristol, VT

Henry Harris; Plainfield, VT

Cynthia Hartnett; Montpelier, VT

Edwin Harvey; Burlington, VT

James Haslam; Burlington, VT

Jeffrey Haslett; Williston, VT

Hilay Hatch; Leicester, VT

Sherill Hatch; Worcester, VT

Nate Hausman; Montpelier, VT

Liam Havard; Charlotte, VT

Deb Hawthorn; South Woodstock, VT

Diana Hayes; Rutland, VT

Bonnie Hearthstone; Vergennes, VT

Sarah Heath; Durham, NH

Patricia Heather-Lea; Bristol, VT

Marisa Hebb; Vershire, VT

Elisabeth Hebert; Northfield, VT

Patricia Hechmer; Westford, VT

Bill Heffernan; Bristol, VT

Ginny Heidke; Middlebury, VT

Katherine Heitkamp; Weybridge, VT

Natanya Helak; Shelburne, VT

Kelly Helberg; Randolph, VT

Dale Helms; Bristol, VT

Chris Hendel; Hinesburg, VT

Cynthia Hendel; Hinesburg, VT

Bruce Henderson; Bennington, VT

Bruce Hennessey; Huntington, VT

Richard Hennessey; Middlebury, VT

Devin Henry; Nichols, NY

Dan Herman; Burlington, VT

Barbarina Heyerdahl; Montpelier, VT

Christine Hibma; Burlington, VT

David Hibma; South Burlington, VT

Michele Hill; Worcester, VT

Roberta Hill; Austin, TX

Yeshua Hill; Burlington, VT

Tracy Himmel Isham; Cornwall, VT

Jessica Hoagland; Middlebury, VT

Suzy Hodgson; Charlotte, VT

Theresia Hoeck; Burlington, VT

Ronald Hoffman; Springfield, VT

Barbara Hoke; Charlotte, VT

Jane Holdman; South Burlington, VT

Deirdre Holmes; Charlotte, VT

Gail Holmes; Burlington, VT

Lewis Holmes; Middlebury, VT

Rebecca Holmes; Salisbury, VT

Simone Edgar Holmes, Charlotte, VT

Connie Holstein; Reading, VT

Lauren Honican; Middlebury, VT

Timothy Hoopes; Hinesburg, VT

Patricia Horne; Middlebury, VT

Gregory Hostetler; Winooski, VT

Daniel Hoviss; Putney, VT

Carmen Howe; Northfield, VT

Phoebe Howe; Middlebury, VT

Debra Huffman; Merrimack, NH

Ivor Hughes; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Jeanne Hullett; Warren, VT

Ryan Humke; Worcester, VT

Patricia Hunt; Bristol, VT

William Hunt; Canton, NY

Cathy Hunter; Charlotte, VT

Debra Hurlburt; Salisbury, VT

David Hurwitz; Randolph, VT

Helen Huyffer; Shelburne, VT

Robert Hyams; Hinesburg, VT

Nikki Ibey; Plainfield, VT

Julia Imbarrato; Newfane, VT

Krista Imes; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Sarah Ingersoll; Middlebury, VT

Keefer Irwin; Rochester, VT

Thomas Joshua Jackson; Middlesex, VT

Gael Jacobson; Waitsfield, VT

Marcia Jaquith; Charlotte, VT

Maya Jarrad; Charlotte, VT

Beth Jeffers; East Montpelier, VT

Wally and Chris Jenkins; Huntington, VT

Richard John; Brattleboro, VT

Kathy A. Johnson; Essex, VT

Leighton Johnson; Burlington, VT

Alyssa Johnson-Kurts; Worcester, VT

Rachel Jolly; Burlington, VT

Katie Jones; Milton, VT

Rebecca Jones; Brattleboro, VT

Susan Jones; Pelham, NH

Richard Joseph; Winooski, VT

Ward Joyce; Montpelier, VT

Janet Kahn; Burlington, VT

Claire Kaiser; Danby, VT

Jason Kaiser; Lyndonville, VT

Bill Kallock; Charlotte, VT

Leslie Kameny; Middlebury, VT

Myles Kamisher-Koch; Middlebury, VT

Andrea Kane; Peacham, VT

Amy Kara Brown; Burlington, VT

Barbara Karle; Salisbury, VT

Krista Karlson; Middlebury, VT

Elizabeth Karnes Keefe; Middlebury, VT

Erika Karp; Greensboro, VT

Keith Kasper; Richmond, VT

Shaina Kasper; Montpelier, VT

Jason Kaye; Middlebury, VT

Patrick Kearney; East Thetford, VT

Cleo Kearns; Fairlee, VT

Coleen Kearon; Montpelier, VT

Aaron Keech; Burlington, VT

Janet Kehn; Wallingford, VT

Miranda Keir; Huntington, VT

Evelyn Kelley; Waitsfield, VT

Jean Kelly; Richmond, VT

Nathalie Kelly; Shelburne, VT

Tanna Kelton; Charlotte, VT

R. Kent; Brandon, VT

David Kenyon; Charlotte, VT

Melanie Kessler; Bristol, VT

Kathleen Kesson; Barre, VT

Robb Kidd; Montpelier, VT

Joseph Kiefer; Montpelier, VT

Debra Kikuchi; Rutland, VT

Catherine Kinney; North Hero, VT

Bill Kinzie; N. Ferrisburgh, VT

Chris Kirby; Shoreham, VT

Meredith Kitfield; East Montpelier, VT

Margaret Klohck; Middlebury, VT

Bobbie Knight; Denver, CO

Joan Knight; Burlington, VT

Michael Knight; Montpelier, VT

Sylvia Knight; Charlotte, VT

Anne Knott; Burlington, VT

Linda Knutson; Bristol, VT

Fred Koch; Morrisville, VT

Sarah Koch; Middlebury, VT

Miles Koeller; Bristol, VT

Alison Kogut; South Burlington, VT

Josie Kokarev; Berlin, VT

Christa Konstantinopoulos; Burlington, VT

Nektarios Konstantinopoulos; Burlington, VT

Tony Kopecky; Winooski, VT

Fred Kosnitsky; South Burlington, VT

Loren Kramer; Greenfield, MA

Cathy Kristofferson; Ashby, MA

Frank Kropa; Manchester Center, VT

Tom Kruk; Middlebury, VT

Violet Krukonis; Essex Junction, VT

Peter Kuhn; Hinesburg, VT

Kerry Kurt; Starksboro, VT

Tammy L Leo; Montpelier, VT

Steve L'Heureux; Bristol, VT

Dawn LaBarge; St. Albans, VT

Dan Labate; Bend, OR

Bill Laberge; Dorset, VT

Yvonne Lacaillade; Colchester, VT

Wayne Lachat; Shoreham, VT

Lois Lackey; East Middlebury, VT

Morgen Lacroix; Jericho, VT

Mary Lacy; Burlington, VT

Bethany Ladimer; Burlington, VT

Timothy Lalor; Manchester Center, VT

Christopher LaMothe; Winooski, VT

Edgar Lamoureux; Cornwall, VT

Gloria Lamoureux; Cornwall, VT

John Lamperti; Norwich, VT

Marty Landa; Sedona, AZ

Damon Lane; Burlington, VT

Nick Lange; Hyde Park, VT

John Langhus; Norwich, VT

John Laroche; East Calais, VT

Gene Lauer; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Roxie Lauer; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Bev Lavin; East Montpelier, VT

Lisa Lavoie; Richmond, VT

Kaela Law; Pelham, NH

Dianne Lawson; Middlebury, VT

Lauren Layn; Burlington, VT

Jennifer Lazar; Burlington, VT

Rose Lazu; East Calais, VT

Marilyn Learner; Hollis, NH

Dorothy Lebovitz; Upland, CA

Marlene Lederman; Rutland, VT

Alice Leeds; Bristol, VT

Suzanne Leiter; Norwich, VT

David Leland; Brattleboro, VT

Andrea Lemnah; Starksboro, VT

Cecile Leneman; Berkeley, CA

Olga Lermontov; Richford, VT

Kenneth Lesem; Burlington, VT

Jay Leshinsky; Middlebury, VT

J. Allen Leslie; Reading, VT

Alison Lesure; Hinesburg, VT

Athena Letourneau; Winooski, VT

Dawn Leuschner; Hinesburg, VT

Rose Levy; Austin, TX

Dave Lewis; Brattleboro, VT

Margaret Lewis; Brattleboro, VT

Nathanael Lewis; Waterbury Center, VT

Susanna Lewis; Bradford, VT

Rip Lhamon; Dummerston, VT

Catherine Lickfield; Worcester, VT

Hugo Liepmann; Randolph Center, VT

Carl Lill; Londonderry, VT

Jean Lin; Bristol, VT

Sarah Lincoln; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Sally Linder; Burlington, VT

Rachel Lindstrom; Lyndon Center, VT

Robin Lloyd; Burlington, VT

Andrew London; Montpelier, VT

Gerry Loney; Middlebury, VT

Sandy Lord; Burlington, VT

Suzanne Lourie; Charlotte, VT

Sebastian Lousada; Vershire, VT

Jesse Lovasco; Montpelier, VT

Merrily Lovell; Hinesburg, VT

Martha Loving; Shelburne, VT

Mary Lower; Middlebury, VT

Catherine Lowther; Calais, VT

Mike Lu; Austin, TX

Amy Ludwin; Bolton, VT

Karen Lueders; Lincoln, VT

Marie Luhr; Charlotte, VT

Holly Lukens; Saint Albans, VT

Samuel Lurie; Hinesburg, VT

Kim Lutchko; Woodstock, VT

Karen Luttik; Wilmington, MA

Karen Lynch; Vergennes, VT

Kristin Lyons; Hinesburg, VT

Katherine M; Sarasota, FL

Peter MacDonald; Windham, VT

Bruce Macduffie; Westminster, VT

Anni Mackay; Rochester, VT

Kaelin Elizabeth Mackey; Cornwall, VT

Anne Macksoud; Woodstock, VT

Christine Macpherson; Albany, NY

Mary MacVey; Woodstock, VT

Lee Madden; Brattleboro, VT

Ann Madeloni; Whiting, VT

Charles Madsen; Castleton, VT

Alice Maes; Putney, VT

Pauline Maguire; Shoreham, VT

Kenzie Mahoney; Hinesburg, VT

Susan Mahony; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Nancy Rae Mallery; Bradford, VT

Kerry Malloy; Lincoln, VT

Linda Maloney; Enosburg Falls, VT

Paul Manganiello; Norwich, VT

Diana Marckwardt; West Charleston, VT

Nicholas Marconi; Shelburne, VT

Jean Markey-Duncan; Burlington, VT

Andrew Marks; Cornwall, VT

Elise Marks; Burlington, VT

Barbara Marlow; MIddlebury, VT

James Maroney; Leicester, VT

Sandra Marr; Guilford, VT

Carl Martin; Montpelier, VT

Cynthia Martin; Montpelier, VT

Jeffrey Martin; Charlotte, VT

Linda Martin; Monkton, VT

Mary Martin; Cornwall, VT

Patricia Martin; Rindge, NH

Randy Martin; Cornwall, VT

William Martin; Middlebury, VT

Tatiana Martínez; Burlington, VT

Luke Mathewson; Ferrisburgh, VT

Timothy Mathewson; Vergennes, VT

Thomas Matsuda, Amherst, MA

Anne Matthews; Ferrisburgh, VT

Laurel Maurer; Barre, VT

Chip Mayer; Middlebury, VT

Jack Mayer; Middlebury, VT

Cindy Maynard; Waterbury, VT

Dan Mazur; Brandon, VT

Erin Mazur; Bristol, VT

Glenn Mcbroom; Burlington, VT

Lee McCarthy; Redford, MI

Dorothy McCarty; Middlebury, VT

Annie McCleary; East Calais, VT

Phebe McCosker; Thetford, VT

Suzanne McCoy; Hinesburg, VT

Kate McCreary; Astoria, NY

Ben McFeeters; South Burlington, VT

Terrance McGrath; Burlington, VT

Timothy McGrath; Burlington, VT

Renee McGuinness; Monkton, VT

Barbara McKay; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Lynn McKenna; Weybridge, VT

Anne Mckinsey; East Corinth, VT

Quinn McKusick; Winooski, VT

Andrea McMahan; Duxbury, VT

Karin McNeill; East Calais, VT

Lynn McNicol; Burlington, VT

Randy McWilliams; Bristol, VT

Elizabeth Medina; Montpelier, VT

Emily Medley; Montpelier, VT

Julie Medose; Marshfield, VT

Thomas Medve; Essex Junction, VT

Marina Meerburg; Stowe, VT

John Mejia; North Ferrisburgh, VT

John Melanson; Middlebury, VT

Marin Melchior; Bristol, VT

Brent Mellen; White River Junction, VT

Vince Mendieta; Austin, TX

Andrew Menkart; Brandon, VT

Frank Merewether; Vershire, VT

Bethany Merkat; Middlebury, VT

Jill Merkel; Richmond, VT

Sherry Merrick; Post Mills, VT

John Meshna; New Haven, VT

Mary Mester; Ripton, VT

Mary Metcalf; Vergennes, VT

Joanna Meyer; Montpelier, VT

Wayne Michaud; Bristol, VT

Kai Mikkel Forlie; Burlington, VT

Emily Millard; Middlebury, VT

Chris Miller; South Burlington, VT

Chris Miller; Woodstock, VT

Johanna Miller; Montpelier, VT

Jon Miller; Charlotte, VT

Steve Miller; Rutland, VT

Susan Mills; Randolph Center, VT

Matea Mills-Andrak; Middlebury, VT

K. Miskavage; Hinesburg, VT

Julie Mitchell; New Haven, VT

Peter Modley; Hinesburg, VT

Lopamudra Mohanty; Saint Peters, MO

David Mook; Poultney, VT

Jamie Moorby; Calais, VT

Kathleen Moore; Marshfield, VT

Mia Moore; Montpelier, VT

Tamara S. Morgan; East Randolph, VT

Andrea Morgante; Hinesburg, VT

Erin Moriarty; Burlington, VT

John Morris; Marshfield, VT

Sue Morris; Marshfield, VT

Donald Morrison; West Windsor, VT

Jessica Morrison; Burlington, VT

Chris Morrow; Manchester, VT

Diane Mortier; Bristol, VT

Walter Moses; North Pownal, VT

Danielle Mund; Winooski, VT

Andrew Munkres; Cornwall, VT

Charles Murphy; Manchester, VT

Janice Nadworny; Hinesburg, VT

Andrew Nagy-Benson; Weybridge, VT

Candace Neary; Belmont, VT

Laura Neiman; New York, NY

Sara Neller; Rutland, VT

Tricia Nelsen; Middlebury, VT

Barbara Nelson; Leicester, VT

M. Neville Wall; Northfield, MA

Rachel Nevitt; Hinesburg, VT

Julie Nichols; Hardwick, VT

Sharon Nicodemus; Sacramento, CA

Erik Nielsen; Brookfield, VT

Isobel Nimtz; Rutland, VT

Ralph Nimtz; Wallingford, VT

Sharon Nimtz; Wallingford, VT

Melanie Nixon; Rutland, VT

Josette Noll; Burlington, VT

Holly Noordsy; Cornwall, VT

Jeff Noordsy; Cornwall, VT

Thomas Nostrand; Hinesburg, VT

Karl Novak; Hinesburg, VT

Trisha Novak; Hinesburg, VT

Roberta Nubile; Shelburne, VT

Jennifer Obarski; Bristol, VT

Meryl O'Connor; Richmond, VT

Timothy O'Dell; Corinth, VT

Keith O'Donnell; Vergennes, VT

Danielle O'Hallisey; Worcester, VT

Michael O'Neill; Shoreham, VT

Michele O'Neill; Bristol, VT

Pat O'Sullivan; St George, VT

Karen Obert; Jeffersonville, VT

Janice Ohlsson; East Calais, VT

Wayne Ohlsson; East Calais, VT

Thomas Okeeffe; Burlington, VT

Judy Olinick; Middlebury, VT

Margaret Olson; Middlebury, VT

Abraham Oort; Hartland, VT

Kathleen Oprea; Bakersfield, VT

Rachel Ory; Stowe, VT

Nancy Osborne; South Burlington, VT

Maple Osterbrink; Littleton, NH

Walter Otten; Winooski, VT

Roberta Overson; Colchester, VT

Donna Owens; Essex, VT

William P. Schneider; Middlebury, VT

Jane Palmer; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Nathan Palmer; North Ferrisburgh, VT

John Papandrea; New York, NY

Troy Paradee; Bristol, VT

Charles Parent; Hinesburg, VT

Joseph Patalano; Burlington, VT

Chris Paterson; Taftsville, VT

John Patterson; Burlington, VT

Barbara Paulson; Randolph, VT

Marcia Pawlowski; Richmond, VT

Ronald Payne; Middlebury, VT

Don Peabody; Vergennes, VT

Will Pearl; Brandon, VT

Jane Pekol; Northfield, VT

KarenMarie Peltier; Saint Albans, VT

Cacky Peltz; Woodbury, VT

Akankha Perkins; Woodstock, VT

Marcia Perry; Starksboro, VT

Ruby Perry; Burlington, VT

Zpora Perry; Burlington, VT

Tom Peterson; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Gregory Peyser; Monkton, VT

L. Selina Peyser; Monkton, VT

Melanie Peyser; Monkton, VT

Victoria Peyser; Monkton, VT

Emily Peyton; Putney, VT

Mark Pezzati; Andes, NY

Lam Phan; Burlington, VT

Nancy Philips; Norwich, VT

Richard Phillips; Plainfield, VT

Kelly Pierpont; Burlington, VT

David Pill; Charlotte, VT

Larry Plesent; Middlebury, VT

Sharon Pleskowicz; Pelham, NH

Angela Plunkett; Burlington, VT

Elisabeth Podesta; Burlington, VT

Pamela Polhemus; Cambridge, VT

Marian Pollack; New Haven, VT

Tom Pollak; Burlington, VT

Lance Polya; Jericho, VT

Dale Pondysh; Nicholville, NY

Nik Ponzio; Williston, VT

Noah Ponzio; Essex Jct, VT

Michele Potter; Bristol, VT

Phil Pouech; Hinesburg, VT

Ellen Powell; S. Burlington, VT

Daphne Pringle; Lincoln, VT

David Przepioski; Craftsbury Common, VT

Jaiel Pulskamp; Worcester, VT

Fran Putnam; Weybridge, VT

Spencer Putnam; Weybridge, VT

Bryan Quante; Fairfax, VT

Letitia Quante; Fairfax, VT

Sophie Quest; South Burlington, VT

Susan Raber Bray; Charlotte, VT

Rachel Siegel; Burlington, VT

Jessica Racusin; Middlebury, VT

Sharon Racusin; Norwich, VT

Nancy Rae Mallery; Bradford, VT

Hannah Rae Murphy; Middlebury, VT

Nancy Ragle; Guilford, VT

Villa Rakochy; Burlington, VT

Tom Randall; Middlebury, VT

Anita Rapone; Burlington, VT

Michele Ratte; Saxtons River, VT

Judith Raven; Shelburne, VT

Mary Raven; Merrimack, NH

Syeda Raza; Vero Beach, FL

Zachary Razanouski; West Rutland, VT

Tony Redington; Burlington, VT

Anne Reed; Marshfield, VT

Byron Reed; Middlebury, VT

Lynne Reed; Burlington, VT

Erik Rehman; Bristol, VT

Luc Reid; Williston, VT

Shannon Reilly; Burlington, VT

Chuck Reiss; Hinesburg, VT

Susan Reit; Starksboro, VT

Carly Reitsma; Brattleboro, VT

Eliza Renner; Atlanta, GA

Linda Reynolds; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Lee Rhodes; Ashburn, VA

Nancy Rice; Randolph Center, VT

Veronica Richel; Burlington, VT

Joan Richmond-Hall; Randolph, VT

Louise Rickard; Lincoln, VT

Avery Rifkin; Burlington, VT

Katherine Rigg; Shoreham, VT

Adam Riggen; East Montpelier, VT

Susan Riggen; East Montpelier, VT

Carrie Riker; Worcester, VT

Dr. William Ritke-Jones; Plainfield, VT

Maryanne Roberts; Lincoln, VT

Wallace Roberts; Williamstown, VT

Andy Robinson; Plainfield, VT

Jessi Robinson; Orange, VT

Kevin Rock; Grand Isle, VT

Emma Ronai-Durning; Middlebury, VT

David Rosen; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Luanne Rotax; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Casey and Corey Rougier; Monkton, VT

Steven Roy; South Burlington, VT

Jessica Rubin; Montpelier, VT

Nicholas Rubin; Plainfield, VT

Janice Ryan; Brandon, VT

Elizabeth Rydjeski; Springfield, VT

Michael S. Tenney; Brattleboro, VT

Linda S. Hamilton; Charlotte, VT

Vivian S. Valtri Burgess; Middlebury, VT

Leslie Sullivan Sachs; Brattleboro, VT

Tatjana Salcedo; New Haven, VT

Charles Salmon; Richford, VT

Robert Salzman; Williamsville, VT

Monica Sanchez Webb; Middlebury, VT

Judith Sargent; Marshfield, VT

Virginia Sassaman; Calais, VT

Jeff Scannell; Montpelier, VT

Matt Scaramucci; Salisbury, VT

Jesse Scarlato; Montpelier, VT

Timothy Scerra; Pembroke, NH

Cindy Schaefer; Essex Junction, VT

H. Schaktman; Shelburne Falls, MA

George Schenk; Waitsfield, VT

Stephanie Scherr; Fitzwilliam, NH

Kathryn Schloff; Salisbury, VT

Len Schmidt; New Haven, VT

Pat Schmitter; Middlebury, VT

Wolfger Schneider; Charlotte, VT

Lasha Schoeffel; East Calais, VT

Scott and Clara Schoppe; St Johnsbury, VT

Paula Schramm; Enosburg Falls, VT

Margaret Schultz; North Pomfret, VT

Linda Schutz; Calais, VT

Ellen Schwartz; Brattleboro, VT

Michael Scollins; South Burlington, VT

Sasha Scott; Essex Junction, VT

R. Scott Campbell; Saint Johnsbury, VT

Russell Se; Guilford, VT

Dave Searles; Brodhead, WI

Nick Seifert; Marshfield, VT

Nancy Skea Severance; Charlotte, VT

Warren Severance; Charlotte, VT

Elizabeth Seyler; Burlington, VT

Martha and Paul Seyler; Ferrisburgh, VT

Eugene Seymour; Rooseveltown, NY

Katharine Shapiro; Middlesex, VT

Dolores Shea; Monkton, VT

Daniel Shearer; Burlington, VT

Eric Shenholm; Saxtons River, VT

Ellen Shepheard; Braintree, VT

Laurie Sheridan; Essex Junction, VT

Michael Shrader; Middlebury, VT

Jane Shull; Lancaster, PA

Ann Sicurello; Burlington, VT

Catharina Sikkes; Charlotte, VT

Alice Silverman; Montpelier, VT

Andrew Simon; Burlington, VT

Eva Simon; Winooski, VT

Laura Simon; Wilder, VT

Thomas Simonet; Yardley, PA

Abel Sirjane; Shrewsbury, VT

Allyson Sironi; Marshfield, VT

Colleen Skeffington; Bristol, VT

Ron Slabaugh; Middlebury, VT

Elisabeth Slatt; Burlington, VT

Andrew Smith; Royalton, VT

Cynthia Smith; North Ferrisburgh, VT

Don Smith; St. Johnsbury, VT

Douglas Smith; Sharon, VT

Gregory Smith; Charlotte, VT

Hayden Smith; Poultney, VT

Larry Smith; Vergennes, VT

Naomi Smith; Middlebury, VT

Rebecca Smith; Bolton Landing, NY

Susan Smith-Hunter; Brandon, VT

Rachel Smolker; Hinesburg, VT

O. Sobko; Fairlee, VT

Carmen Solari; Johnson, VT

Timothy Somero; New Ipswich, NH

Mary Sonnekson; Athens, VT

Todd Spayth; Newbury, VT

Paul Spencer; Northampton, MA

Kristy and Jeff Spengler; Colchester, VT

Reginald Spooner; Middlebury, VT

Dave Sprecher; Ephrata, PA

Joanne St. John; Colchester, VT

Emily Stabler; San Francisco, CA

Janet Stambolian; Burlington, VT

Trevien Stanger; Essex Junction, VT

Jim Stapleton; Bristol, VT

Patricia Stark; White River Junction, VT

Karen Starr; Plainfield, VT

Janice D. Stearns; Middlebury, VT

Tom Stearns; Wolcott, VT

Steven Steigerwald; Rutland, VT

Joel Stettenheim; White River Junction, VT

Robert Stetzenmeyer; Bristol, VT

Anne Stevens; Greensboro, VT

Tim Stevenson; Townshend, VT

Sheri Stewart; Brattleboro, VT

Debra Stoleroff; Montpelier, VT

Tolya Stonorov; Montpelier, VT

Virginia Storey-Welch; Colton, NY

Skip Sturman; Thetford, VT

Linda Sukop; Burlington, VT

Marjorie Susman; New Haven, VT

Calum Sutherland; Monkton, VT

Pete Sutherland; Monkton, VT

Clark Sutton; Weybridge, VT

Curtis Swartzentruber; New Haven, VT

Kristin Swartzentruber; New Haven, VT

Karen Sweeney; Hudson, NH

Ronald Sweet; Middlesex, VT

Ruah Swennerfelt; Charlotte, VT

Kevin Sword; Bristol, VT

Valerie Szymkowicz; Shoreham, VT

John T. Cook; Lexington, MA

Theo Talcott; Manchester, VT

Paula Tamburello; East Calais, VT

Margaret Tamulonis; Richford, VT

Jean Tandy; Richmond, NH

Peg Tassey; Calais, VT

Beverly Taylor; Wells River, VT

Dawn Taylor; Huntington, VT

Stefanie Taylor; Wallingford, VT

Leanora Terhune; Burlington, VT

Weldon Terrell; Shrewsbury, VT

Jean Terwilliger; Cornwall, VT

Alexandra Thayer; Plainfield, VT

Amber Thibault; Charlotte, VT

Robert Thiefels; Hinesburg, VT

Jason Thime; Burlington, VT

Todd Thomas; Morrisville, VT

Wendy Thomas; Merrimack, NH

Beth Thompson; Danby, VT

Dez Thompson; Newport Center, VT

Laurence Thomson; Richmond, VT

Karen Thorkilsen; South Royalton, VT

William Thurber; Saint Albans, VT

David Tier; Middlebury, VT

Susan Tiholiz; Thetford Center, VT

Steve Tirrell; Litchfield, NH

Zachary Tomanelli; South Burlington, VT

Debbie Tracht; Middlebury, VT

Tara Trapani; Montpelier, VT

Anke Tremback; Burlington, VT

Heather Tremblay; St. Albans, VT

Joshua Trudeau; Bristol, VT

Joel Trupin; Marshfield, VT

Joel and Kathryn Trupin; Marshfield, VT

Eric Truran; Randolph, VT

Pat Ullom; Orwell, VT

Maya Urbanowicz; Burlington, VT

Paul Vaczy; Salisbury, VT

Abigail Van Den Noort; Morrisville, VT

Pauline Van Gulden; Chelsea, VT

Natalie Van Leekwijck; Hazard, NE

Mary Van Vleck; Charlotte, VT

Kristen Vance; Williston, VT

Martha VanderWolk; Canaan, VT

Maren Vasatka; Monkton, VT

Winston Vaughan; Jamaica Plain, MA

Laurelyn Veatch; Plainfield, VT

Julia Viazmenski; Etna, NH

Martine Victor; Manchester Center, VT

Jane Vieira; New Bedford, MA

Laurel Vincent; Danville, VT

Bernice Vogel; Montpelier, VT

Ulrike Von Moltke; Norwich, VT

Sarah Vukelich; Williamstown, MA

Frances W. Weinbaum; Montpelier, VT

Victoria Wacek; Shelburne, VT

Sally Wadhams; Shelburne, VT

Jon Wagner; Barre, VT

Adam Wakefield; Essex Junction, VT

Jessica Wakefield; Essex Junction, VT

Robin Walden; Burlington, VT

Carrie Walker; Dummerston, VT

Anne Wallace; Bristol, VT

Charles Wanzer; East Montpelier, VT

Catherine Ward; Newport, VT

Michael Ware; Burlington, VT

Stephanie Warner; Ferrisburgh, VT

Dell Waterhouse; Worcester, VT

JM Waterman; Plainfield, VT

Martha Waterman; Plainfield, VT

Jack Watts; Cornwall, VT

Jeff Weaber; Bristol, VT

Mj Webber; East Dummerston, VT

Diane Weber; Fairlee, VT

Steven Webster; Underhill, VT

Roger Weingarten; Montpelier, VT

Enid Weinheimer; Bristol, VT

J. E. Weisman; Burlington, VT

Mary Welford; Manchester Center, VT

Amanda Werner; Middlebury, VT

Constance West; Manchester, VT

Beverly Westcott; South Burlington, VT

John Wetzel; Middlebury, VT

Carol Weyland-Sabourin; Marshfield, VT

Christine Whitcomb; Bristol, VT

Netaka White; Middlebury, VT

Shawn White; Montpelier, VT

K.C. Whiteley; Montpelier, VT

Beth Whiting; Huntington, VT

Kate Whitman; Burlington, VT

Carrie Wiebe; Middlebury, VT

Frank Wiegleb; Essex Junction, VT

Ben Wiggins; Essex, VT

Julia Wilk; Marshfield, VT

Peggy Willey; Fairlee, VT

Alicia Williams; Rutland, VT

Chris Williams; Vernon, VT

Eesha Williams; Dummerston, VT

Calllie Willis; Warren, VT

Heidi Willis; Salisbury, VT

Barbara Wilson; Shoreham, VT

Eric Wilson; Burlington, VT

Heidi Wilson; Plainfield, VT

Kirsten Wilson; Winooski, VT

Madeleine Winfield; St. Johnsbury, VT

Madeleine Winterfalcon; Bristol, VT

Steven Wisbaum; Charlotte, VT

Jill Wolcott; Charlotte, VT

Miriam Wolf; Saxtons River, VT

Sari Wolf; East Montpelier, VT

Dorothy Wolfe; Strattford, VT

Frederick Wolfe; Strafford, VT

Nancy Wolfe; Barre Universalist; Barre, VT

Joyce Wolpin; Lincoln, VT

Amy Wolston; Lyndonville, VT

Barbara Wood; Middlebury, VT

Ben and Sara Wood; Middlebury, VT

Emily Wood; Burlington, VT

Valerie Wood-Lewis; Burlington, VT

Margaret Woodruff; Charlotte, VT

Elizabeth Woods; Montpelier, VT

Rhiannon Woolwich-Holzman; Sunderland, VT

Robert Worthington; Dracut, MA

Irene Wrenner; Essex Junction, VT

David Wright; Middletown Springs, VT

Lesley Wright; Leicester, VT

Nancy Wright; Hinesburg, VT

Zoe Wright-Neil; Leicester, VT

James Wuertele; St. Johnsbury, VT

Barbara Wynroth; Burlington, VT

Laura Xiao; Middlebury, VT

Elinor Yahn; Shelburllne, VT

Judith Yarnall; Burlington, VT

Ryan and Rachel Yoder; Danby, VT

Paul Yoon; Essex Junction, VT

Sequoia Young; Burlington, VT

John Zampieri; South Ryegate, VT

Emma Zavez; Winooski, VT

Maryann Zavez; Randolph Center, VT

Lloyd Zeiler; Buena Vista, PA

Chloe Zelkha; Woodside, CA

Judy Zemel; Brattleboro, VT

Paul Zenaty; Hinesburg, VT

Crystal Zevon; Barnet, VT

Gerry Zickler; Vergennes, VT

Laura Ziegler; Plainfield, VT

Jennifer Zollner; East Montpelier, VT

Jessica Zolten-Chandler; Richmond, VT

Elizabeth Zundel; Barre, VT

Business, Organizational, and Leader Signatories

2much Media


A.P. Lesure LLC

Abigail Foulk Studio

Addison County Interfaith Climate Action Network

Addison County Retired Clergy and Friends

            Rev. Dr. Leon Adkins

            Rev. Meredith N. Anderson

            Rev. David Andrews

Harry Colwell

            Rev. George Klohck

            Rev. Catherine P. Nichols

            Rev. William S. Richard

            Rev. Dr. Leonard Rowell

            Rev. Dr. Daniel S. Wright

Adirondack Guideboat, Inc.

AllEarth Renewables

American Flatbread

Andy Robinson Consulting LLC

Aqua Vitea


Arthur Hynes Photography

Laura Asermily, Middlebury Selectboard

Atmospheric Research Dr. Alan K. Betts

Back Inn Time B&B

Bear Roots Farm

Ben & Jerry’s

Bennington Regional Energy Committee

Alan Benoit, Manchester Energy Committee

Big Paws Wood Works

BigTown Gallery


Blue Paddle Bistro

Boardman Hill Farm

Barbara Bosworth, University of Vermont

Brattleboro Books

Brian's Farm Supply

Bristol Electronics

Bristol Works!

Robert Buchanan, Goddard College

Buffalo Mountain Coop and Café

Building Energy

Calais Vermontivate Team

Caravan Gardens

Bobbie Carnwath, Cornwall Planning Commission

Carols Hungry Mind Café

Cedar Circle Farm

Champlain Valley Compost

Champlain Valley Plumbing & Heating

Charlotte Energy Committee

Chelsea Green Publishing Company

Chipman Point Marina

Citizens Awareness Network

Claudia Cooper, Middlebury College

Corinth Energy Coordinator

CourierWare, Inc.

CQ Strategies LLC

Dancing Bee Gardens

David Boynton Cabinetmaker LLC

David Hurwitz Originals

Cameron Davis, University of Vermont

Dewitt Blake Insurance Agency

Dobek Inc.

Donella Meadows Institute

Dosolutions Inc.

Dowling & Dennis Public Relations

Dr. Tom’s Antiques

James A. Dumont,  Esq.

Eagle's Flight Farm

East Hill Tree Farm

Edgar Lamoureux LLC


J.C. Ellefson, Champlain College

Elmer Farm

Encore Redevelopment

Envision Boutique Salon

Jon D. Erickson, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Jamison Ervin, Waterbury LEAP

Laurie Essig, Middlebury College

Everyone's Books

Exclusive Gardening

Nancy Faesy, Dorset Energy Committee

Joshua Farley, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Laura Farrell, Monkton Agricultural and Natural Areas Committee

Rev. Barnaby Feder

Flag Hill Farm Vermont Hard Cyder

Flower Power Farm

Flowers By Olga

Kemi Fuentes-George, Middlebury College

Full Moon Farm

Full Sun Company

Genie's Handcrafteds, Honey and Pure Beeswax Candles

Gildrien Farm

Ginger Lambert Fitness

Dee Gish, Sharon Energy Committee

Gleasons Grains

Global Community Initiatives

Got Weeds?

Rebecca Kneale Gould, Middlebury College

Grassroots Solar

Grasteu Associates, Inc.

Green Energy Times

Green Mountain Garlic

Greensboro Energy Committee

Groundswell Architects

Anthony Grudin, University of Vermont

Health Hero Farm

Hempfully Green Healing House

Hestholl Icelandics

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Hyde Park Energy Committee

Martha Illick, Lewis Creek Association

Institute for Social Ecology

Jonathan Isham Jr., Middlebury College

J.D. Fuller Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Jan Cannon Photography

Just Power

Stephanie Kaplan, Calais Conservation Commission

Kathleen Kesson, LIU-Brooklyn

Kestrel Health Information, Inc.

Warren King, Ripton Energy Committee

Marc Lapin, Middlebury College

Last Resort Farm

Lemon Fair Honeyworks

Crea and Philip Lintilhac

Little City Cycles

Living Well Group

Madden Books

Magnolia Bistro

Ellen Maloney, Dorset Energy Committee

Maple Wind Farm

Marble Rose Farm


Mark’s Auto

Mark's Upholstery

Massage and Healing Touch

Jamie McCallum, Middlebury College

Rev. Joan Javier-Duval

Bill McKibben

Kacey McKinney, Middlebury College

Metta Earth Institute

Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op

Jeanne Mills, Dorset Energy Committee Associate

Mindfulness Practice Center, Inc.

Monkton Energy Committee

Susan Munkres, University of Vermont

Natural Homes of New England LLC

Mark Nelson, Ripton Energy Commission

NewFrameworks LLC

Northshire Bookstore

Norton Galleries

Norwich Technologies

Old Dog Documentaries

Oliver Hill Farm

Orb Weaver Farm

Otter Creek Bakery

Otter Creek Used Books

Otter Creek Yoga

Our Bailey Bread Bakery

Ellen D. Oxfeld, Middlebury College

Peace & Justice Center

Peace Eagle Publications

Rev. Lucy Pellegrini

Petra Cliffs

Phoenix Chemistry Services

Stephen Pilcher, Monkton Selectboard

Pill Maharam Architects

Pine Tree Gardens

Plainfield Energy Coordinator

Post Oil Solutions

R. Margaret Edmund LLC

Rae Harrell Design

Rainbow Pediatrics

Raven Ridge Farm


Reiss Building and Renovation

RGS Energy

Taylor Ricketts, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Rights & Democracy

Ripanco Kennels

Joe Roman, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Roots and Trails

Rutland Area Climate Coalition

Safe and Green Campaign

Same Sun of Vermont

Sam Guarnaccia Music

Stephanie Seguino, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Sierra Club, Vermont Chapter

Singing Cedars Farmstead

Rev. Ellen Sokolow

Solar Haven Farm

South Burlington Edible Gardening Club

Spindle & Widget LLC

Spirit in Nature Interfaith Paths

Starboard Harbor LLC

State Representative Christopher Pearson

State Representative Mary Sullivan

State Representative Mike Yantachka

State Senator Philip Baruth

State Senator David Zuckerman

Jennie C. Stephens, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Stone Leaf Teahouse

Summer's Gale Farm


Sunday Night Environmental Group, Middlebury College

Taconic End Farm

Tango Wise

Taylor Ricketts, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

The Bear Bookshop

The Bike Shop

The Earth Care Committee of the Middlebury Friends Meeting

The Mac Doctor, Inc.

The Mountain Brook Center

The Oxford Company

The Vermont Home

Brian Tokar, University of Vermont

Toxics Action Center

Transition Town Charlotte

Transition Town Manchester


Unbound Grace - Sentinel Farms

Martha VanderWolk, Union Institute & University

Vermont Citizens for the Public Good

Vermont Cookie Love

Vermont Design Institute

Vermont Interfaith Power and Light

Vermont Natural Resources Council

Vermont Organics Reclamation

Vermont Public Interest Research Group

Vermont Soap Company

Vermont Sun Fitness Center

Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance

Vermonters for a Clean Environment


Deane Wang, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Ward Joyce Design

Ulrike Wasmus, Calais Energy Conservation Group

WD Pottery

Whippoorwill Hill Farm

Whip-Poor-Will Ledge Farm

Wide Iris Productions

Wild Heart Wellness

Wild Hill Organics

Windham Energy Committee

Wisdom & Power LLC

Wisdom of the Herbs School

Wolfe Energy

Woodstock Energy Group

Taylor Yeates, Richmond Selectboard

Yoder Farm

Zabby & Elf's Stone Soup


Eric Zencey, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics