23 Organizations Await Response to Letter sent to NH Congressional Delegation

NED pipeline opposition groups unite in a push for an evidentiary hearing

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Elisa Benincaso



New Hampshire, U.S.A.


April 7, 2016

For Immediate Release -- Twenty-three organizations from seventeen New Hampshire towns await a response to a letter sent to the offices of Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and Congressmen Guinta and Kuster.  The letter, dated March 25, 2016, urges New Hampshire’s congressional delegation to support requests “now pending in FERC Docket No. CP16-21 for a formal evidentiary hearing”.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) docket number refers to the controversial Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline project currently proposed by Kinder Morgan/TGP.

Attorney Richard Husband of Litchfield Pipeline Awareness is one of the main authors of the ten page letter supported by one hundred and nineteen pages of exhibits.  “The NED project should be stopped dead in its tracks before it does far more harm to our future than good.  As long as it is still being considered, though, it must be considered in a manner which minimally requires complete, careful scrutiny of the health risks, and an open, two-sided process—not just closed-door consideration of the filed paperwork by a small panel."

Given increasing reports of adverse health effects associated with gas pipeline infrastructure, additional requests included in the March 25th letter include the appointment of a Citizens' Advocate and a comprehensive health impact assessment.

Kaela Law of Pelham Pipeline Awareness also assisted in drafting the letter.  "In addition to an evidentiary hearing, it is essential to appoint a Citizens' Advocate as well as to include a comprehensive health impact assessment to protect our state.   Why shouldn't the FERC and Kinder Morgan/TGP be held accountable in a process that is fair and open?"

The NED pipeline project has encountered widespread and intense opposition from hundreds of diverse organizations throughout the five states with New Hampshire leading all five states in the highest rate of refusal to survey access.  Although New Hampshire's congressional delegation and Governor Hassan have sent several letters to the FERC with various requests, their letters remain unanswered.

Based on the unaddressed requests sent to the FERC by the Delegation and Governor Hassan, Attorney Richard Husband believes that the steps outlined in the letter are requisite.  "We hope that our New Hampshire congressional delegation will agree and unite other Congressmen in insisting that the FERC require a comprehensive health impact assessment for the project, conduct a formal evidentiary hearing on the matter, and assist citizens in participating in the process through the appointment of a Citizens' Advocate for the FERC proceedings."   

Letter with Exhibits


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