Activists and Experts Gather to Discuss Dangers of the Pilgrim Power Plant

Community Calls for Removal of the Plant Due to Safety Concerns

Local activists and a panel of experts gathered together on April 2 to discuss safety concerns regarding Plymouth’s nuclear power plant. The discussion was hosted by The Pilgrim Coalition, an organization devoted to raising awareness of the risks of the Pilgrim power plant. The plant, which has been running since 1972, has many nearby citizens questioning its safety.

Experts on Pilgrim discussed the dangers of the plant, including safety issues, health concerns, and the plant’s impact on the community.  The panel included David Agnew, founding member of Cape Downwinders, Mary Lambert, founder and director of Pilgrim Watch, and Pine duBois, executive director of the Jones River Watershed Association. 

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Send a message to Governor Patrick and State Secretary Richard Sullivan about your concerns about Pilgrim.

To learn more visit:

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