BPA Phase-Out Passed!

The ban on the use of the toxic chemical BPA in children's products just passed the Senate unanimously, 35-0, after having passed the House 145-3! This is a big victory for anyone who cares about Maine's environment and public health protections.

Portland protests BPA
Unfortunately, Governor LePage and his out-of-state chemical industry allies aren't giving up, they're simply switching targets.

Now, they're trying to get rid of the entire Kid-Safe Products Act, the legislation that allowed us to ban BPA and to protect children from other dangerous chemicals.

There are two ways you can help us stop LePage's attack on children's health.

1. Attend the Kid-Safe Products Day, this Thursday, April 14th at the State Capitol. You can sign up right here.

We need all-hands-on-deck this week in Augusta. Help us tell our legislators that Maine can grow healthy kids and a healthy economy. With safer chemicals, Maine's families and businesses will thrive.

If you can't make it on Tuesday, please click here anyway to write a note that we can bring with us and deliver to your legislators!

2. If you're a small business owner, click here to sign on to a letter from the Maine Small Business Coalition urging lawmakers to keep the Kid-Safe Products Law strong.

Small business owners rely on laws like this to make sure the products they sell are safe. The Legislature needs to hear from business owners who know we can't have a healthy economy without healthy children and a healthy environment.