First Step to Stopping Pond View Polluter

Posted by Taryn Hallweaver on 10/20/2011

After years of organizing to clean up and shut down TLA Pond Views's construction waste processing facility in East Providence, neighbors and residents are breathing a sigh of relief.  Last night, the Zoning Board of Review decided unanimously that TLA Pond View is operating illegally in East Providence and voted 5-0 to uphold a Cease and Desist issued earlier this summer.  The decision came at the stroke of midnight and after three grueling hearings. 

Peter Wiley, a member of the East Providence Coalition, commended the ZBR on their decision.  “The East Providence Zoning Officer and the Zoning Board of Review have done an outstanding job with this.  They have sent a clear message that TLA Pond View is not above the law and they cannot simply expand at will."

Peter Oppenheimer, co-founder of the East Providence Coalition, said that the ZBR’s decision is timely but that the fight is not over.  “It's time to hold Pond View accountable.”

And although the ZBR decision comes as a victory to TLA Pond View neighbors, they’re not relaxing now. 

Upon the closing of the ZBR hearing, members of the East Providence Coalition, neighbors of TLA Pond View, and Toxics Action Center are calling on the town of East Providence to immediately send a letter of noncompliance to DEM. 

DEM has issued TLA Pond View an October 31st deadline to send a letter of compliance from East Providence. 

Stay tuned as the East Providence Coalition continues to build momentum at the local level to protect the health and safety of their town!