Mass Power Forward Celebrates Kinder Morgan’s Decision to Suspend the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Project

On April 20th, Kinder Morgan released a statement: “As a result of inadequate capacity commitments from prospective customers, Kinder Morgan, Inc., (NYSE: KMI) and its subsidiary, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP), have suspended further work and expenditures on the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) project.”

Groups part of Mass Power Forward reacted:

“This is huge,” said Claire Miller from Toxics Action Center, “after two years Richard Kinder finally realized just how smart, dogged and tough we Yankees are. There was no way in hell Massachusetts and New Hampshire were going to allow this unnecessary, expensive pipeline to take our private and public lands, and kill our goals for a clean energy economy.” Claire Miller, Toxics Action Center 781-775-1429

“The death knell of the disastrous and irresponsible Kinder Morgan gas pipeline gives Bay State communities an opportunity to choose a clean energy future,” said Joel Wool of Clean Water Action. “Now is the time for our state to power forward beyond a fossil fuel economy toward local, renewable power, healthy neighborhoods and good, green jobs.” Joel Wool, 978-697-0361,

“Over the last three years, we have seen a truly incredible wave of grassroots resistance to new fossil fuel pipelines in Massachusetts. Thousands of concerned citizens have called and emailed their legislators, submitted public comments, packed into public hearings, and taken to the streets for massive rallies and marches. Kinder Morgan recognized that their deep pockets were no match for grassroots power. It’s only a matter of time before other fossil fuel companies come to the same realization. Spectra Energy, you’re next.”  Emily Kirkland, Director of Organizing for 350 Massachusetts for a Better Future, 646 623 5271,

“One pipeline down, one more to go, “said Dana Sargent of South Coast Neighbors United fighting Spectra’s Access Northeast Project, “I think they’re seeing the writing on the wall that the pipeline tax is a no-go, 97 representatives just signed a letter against it after all. Hope that Spectra sees that as well and cancels their plans to expand.” Dana Sargent, 508-991-0136 

“Since Kinder Morgan started knocking on landowner doors in the winter of 2014, we have seen the power of grassroots organizing. Their arrogance and disrespect for our lives and our public & private lands seemed to know no bounds. I'm proud to have joined with my neighbors in the Commonwealth and across the border in New Hampshire to defeat this irresponsible and environmentally destructive project. The future is in clean renewable energy. We must all keep up the fight to keep the remaining fossil fuels in the ground.” Cathy Kristofferson, StopNED, 978.204.3940

“This is a moral and spiritual victory for everyone who cares about protecting the web of life and keeping fossil fuels safely in the ground, where they belong,” commented the Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas of Mass. Interfaith Coalition for Climate Action. “Tonight we’ll sleep a little sounder, knowing that this ruinous pipeline has been stopped. Tomorrow we’ll get up with renewed energy for the fight to protect God’s Creation and to build a just and sustainable society.”

Mass Power Forward is a statewide network of 150 environmental leaders, community development organizations, clean energy businesses, faith groups, neighborhood health and safety advocates and Massachusetts families fighting for our future. We believe our state and region can power forward with clean, affordable, reliable energy and a thriving economy. We have no other choice.