New Hampshire Pipeline Fighters Celebrate Kinder Morgan’s Decision to Suspend the Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Project

On April 20th, Kinder Morgan released a statement: “As a result of inadequate capacity commitments from prospective customers, Kinder Morgan, Inc., (NYSE: KMI) and its subsidiary, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP), have suspended further work and expenditures on the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) project.”

Groups fighting the pipeline in New Hampshire, including those that are part of the New Hampshire Pipeline Awareness Network (NHPLAN), reacted:

“This is an enormous victory for human health, the environment, and the climate. Kinder Morgan’s expensive and outrageous NED pipeline proposal activated hundreds of community leaders in towns across New Hampshire and New England. Together, these committed residents passed dozens of town resolutions, gathered over ten thousand petition signatures, and made hundreds of calls to their legislators. Granite Staters want to keep their energy dollars to grow clean, local and renewable energy economy in New Hampshire.  Now, they’re going to do just that.” Shaina Kasper 802-922-4780 Toxics Action Center

“For the past three years, ordinary New Hampshire residents have spent every spare minute of their life working to stop this unnecessary pipeline. As Kinder Morgan has seen from the powerful grassroots opposition to their proposal, gas pipelines are not needed here and are not wanted here. This victory demonstrates the wave of grassroots resistance to new fossil fuel pipelines is unstoppable. ”Gwen Whitbeck 603-878-9046 New Hampshire Pipeline Awareness Network

“What started as a small grassroots movement to stop the pipeline spread throughout all of the Northeast. We are so grateful for our neighbors along the pipeline here in New Hampshire and in Massachusetts who worked tirelessly to stop this project. The true grassroots nature of this movement is what made the difference. And after connecting together for this victory, we are better organized to take on the remaining fights. This is not just our pipeline in our backyards, but all the pipelines and the dirty fossil fuels that flow through them.” Anne D’Icicco 603-930-2869 New Hampshire Spirit

“Our Senators are paying a lot of attention to HB1160 and HB1148. As a member of NHPLAN and the local Pelham Pipeline Awareness group, I’m very grateful for their work. This pipeline project has been suspended -- but now we have to make sure that New Hampshire residents and our natural resources are protected from future bad energy projects. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition New Hampshire to clean, local, renewable energy.” Julia Steed Mawson 603-315-4642 Pelham Pipeline Awareness

“This project has brought together people from a variety of different perspectives and backgrounds who did not know one another, but who knew the pipeline was wrong for New Hampshire and New England. Together, we defeated this irresponsible and environmentally destructive project. I’m so proud to be a part of this fight!” Marilyn Learner 603-321-6833