Over 100 Small Businesses Lend Name to Pipeline Fight

Pepperell- Wednesday morning, local business owners and concerned residents unveiled a list of over 100 local businesses endorsing the Stop the Pipeline campaign from Pepperell, Groton, Townsend, Ashby, Ayer, and Tyngsboro. The group gathered inside of Pepperell Family Pharmacy on Main St. in Pepperell to boast of the support.

“Pepperell Family Pharmacy values our families and our health. This pipeline flies in the face of continuing to grow our local healthy community,” said Tracie Ezzio of the Pharmacy, “I’m proud to stand here today as one of a list of small business owners against the pipeline.”

Houston-based Kinder Morgan is working to build a 250-mile new pipeline that would cut a 50-foot path across over 30 municipalities from the Berkshires east to Dracut. Last month, over 400 people rallied on the Boston Common calling on Governor Patrick to retract a controversial proposal to subsidize new gas infrastructure with a charge on electricity bills.

"This gas pipeline proposed by Kinder Morgan is a direct threat to the rural character, environmental resources, and security of the Massachusetts towns, individual homeowners, and businesses caught in its path," said Cathy Kristofferson, Ashby Conservation Commissioner and member of the Stop The Pipeline coalition. "The Commonwealth needs to honor its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a combined increase in sustainable energy generation and energy efficiency efforts, not hamper further gains in those areas by propping up the environmentally disastrous fracked gas industry with long term fossil fuel infrastructure investments."

“In the last three days alone we gathered over 100 endorsements,” said Claire Miller from Toxics Action Center, “obviously that is just the tip of the iceberg of opposition to the new gas pipelines. From farms to realtors to auto-shops and more- I hope the Governor hears these small business owner voices and publicly opposes this project.”

Based on information from Kinder Morgan, the route as it stands now would cross through the northern part of Pepperell, through the orchard and under the Nashua, Nissitissit, Squannacook, and Merrimack Rivers.

Board Member for the Nashoba Conservation Trust and Conservation Commission member for the town of Pepperell Paula Terrasi said,“Millions of dollars have been spent protecting some of the most pristine and sensitive areas across the Commonwealth.  Our preserved open spaces protect our water supplies, wildlife habitats, and viewscapes, and they provide special places for all of us to enjoy with family and friends.  Whether it's our protected open spaces or our private properties, Kinder Morgan has targeted these special places and, if the proposed pipeline is permitted, could result in irreparable harm to our communities.   We are united across the Commonwealth to fight for our private properties and our protected lands that generations have worked so hard to protect.”



Toxics Action Center has helped more than 750 neighborhood groups across New England fight toxic pollution in their communities. We work on a variety of issues including cleaning up hazardous waste sites, stopping proposed landfills and incinerators, curbing pesticide spraying, pressuring companies to reduce their toxic chemical use, and other issues that threaten the health and safety of residents, neighborhoods and the environment.