Support of Local Business Community for Citizen Group CLEAR Unveiled

moretown clearMontpelier - On Wednesday, the local activist group CLEAR gathered at the State House to announce support from 100 local business owners and 500 Vermont citizens to call on ANR Secretary Deb Markowitz to deny any Moretown landfill expansion and move Vermont towards a Zero Waste future.

“Investing in landfills is putting good money after bad. The Moretown landfill was shut down good reason, and it should stay that way. It’s time to turn away from the broken waste system of the past and invest in Vermont’s Zero Waste future,” said Naomi Leary, Community Organizer with Toxics Action Center.

The Moretown Landfill, was denied re-certification by the Agency of Natural Resources, citing groundwater pollution and the landfill’s inability to deal with odor and landfill gas emissions. The operator ADS has openly stated intentions of re-applying for an expansion, though ANR has publicly stated that the proposed expansion would have the same problems with meeting compliance standards.

A virtual crowd of supporters provided the background, with citizens holding signs proclaiming Move Vermont towards Zero Waste, KEEP Moretown landfill closed.

Recovering the resources and materials in our waste is not only environmentally sustainable, but also an opportunity for economic development. Throughout Vermont there are businesses, organizations and citizens working to improve our resource management, like the innovative work by the ReSOURCE program of Burlington.

Jim Curran, ReSOURCE Sales Director describes the success of the environmental and economic success of the program, “ReSOURCE began an innovative program of repairing and reselling household items that otherwise would have gone to the dump. Out of that founding vision . . . more than 10,000 tons of materials have been kept from the landfill, and more than 50 people now have secure employment through income earned largely from this social enterprise. ReSOURCE’s success to date has proven its sustainability and is replicating this model of environmental sustainability, educational training, and economic opportunity into Central Vermont and now Lamoille County.”

Moretown resident and member of C.L.E.A.R., Martha Douglass said, “The consequences of burying all of our waste in the ground has negative effects that last longer than just our lifetime. It is important to take advantage of the opportunity that we have before us today. The Moretown Landfill is no longer accepting trash. As Vermonters we need to hold the Agency of Natural Resources and the Shumlin administration responsible for moving us forward toward zero waste.. Green is part of our name, part of our heritage, and needs to be an integral part of our future.”