Taunton’s landfill future up for City Council vote

The Taunton City Council in Taunton, Massachusetts, will have a chance to make a big impact on the town as well as their environment. Taunton’s landfill is going to be topped off in 2015, showing a need for an alternate use for waste disposal. Two companies are competing for the trash in separate states, New York and Pennsylvania. Although there is some dispute about the possibilities of disposal areas, there is no debate about the greenhouse gas emissions still being released from the garbage. Some believe the garbage is just filling another town’s landfill, which is not economical or environmentally conscious. Taryn Hallweaver worked along side the Council in order to find alternatives to landfill burial and gasification. The Taunton Government has some possible plans of using the landfill as a solar energy production area. Solar energy operations have been largely popular on capped off landfills, proving vast sources of energy for several hundred houses in the areas. Solar panel operations are in the Council’s options as they continue to find other ideas.

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