Water contamination in North Bennington, VT Provokes Emergency Response

PFOA Found in North Bennington Wells


Toxics Action Center: Shaina Kasper, 802-922-4780, shaina@toxicsaction.org


Yesterday morning, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed that five wells in North Bennington have tested positive for elevated levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). The state is distributing drinking water to affected and potentially affected households. 

PFOA exposure has been linked to testicular, kidney, and pancreatic cancer,  as well as thyroid disease, high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis and pregnancy-induced hypertension. If residents are on well water, they should not drink their tap water until it can be tested. Town water is unaffected. 

The state’s rapid response to the water contamination is commendable and appropriate for the seriousness of the situation. DEC officials will be on-hand at an emergency community meeting Friday at 4pm at the Bennington Fire Station to update residents on the situation.

North Bennington residents should alert friends and neighbors to the contamination, assist each other with getting bottled water, and assist with testing. For help with outreach, contact Shaina Kasper, community organizer with Toxics Action Center at 802-223-4099.


See the Governor’s press release here: http://governor.vermont.gov/node/2646