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Conference will be held Sunday, March 10th at Northeastern University

Vermont announces intent to deny Moretown Landfill’s recertification

Response to Patrick Administration Modifying Incinerator Moratorium

New Report Says Children Across Maine at Risk from Toxic Pesticide Spraying

More than Half of Maine Public Schools Surveyed Use Pesticides

Dirty Dozen Report Profiles New England’s Worst Polluters

Toxics Action center calls on Dirty Dozen Winners to Clean Up Their Act

Coal-Free Massachusetts Responds to Sale of Brayton Point Coal Plant

Toxics Action Center and community leaders respond to breaking news

Graniteville residents call on decision makers to protect their right to a healthy community

Community group works to stop asphalt plant from being sited close to homes

Local Coal Fight Welcomes Statewide Coalition

Coal-Free Massachusetts Calls for Just Transition in Somerset

TOWN ELECTION: Will Plymouth vote to delay license for nuclear plant?

Taunton’s landfill future up for City Council vote

Nuclear activism gains momentum as south towns vote on future of Pilgrim power plant

Residents voice concern about Cabot Creamery’s waste water spread on Vermont fields

The Most Toxic Towns in Rhode Island

Student takes lead role in school recycling

Bay Street Activists Honored for Environmental Leadership

Claire DeLoid and fellow Carver residents recognized for environmental leadership

Duxbury’s Mary Lampert recognized for leading fight to keep radioactive waste dump out of state

Toxic-cleanup group honors Fairfielder

Toxics Action Center issues environmental leadership awards to local groups opposed to Springfield biomass plant

Tewksbury environmentalists earn leadership awards

GreenCAPE honored for environmental efforts

Bay Street Activists to be Honored For Environmental Leadership

Activists recognized for role in Somerset Station ouster

Activists recognized for role in Somerset Station ouster

Locals' Sooty Six Work Lowered Power Plant Pollution

Victory: General Chemical announces it will close in Framingham

Posted by Megan Stokes on 03/02/2012

NStar Forgoes Cape Cod Spraying

Report Release: Chemical Free Lakes

Posted by Kalyn Rosenberg on 2/22/12

Report says expect more extreme weather

Pinkwashing: The environmental links to breast cancer and what can be done about it

Posted by Meredith Small on 01/17/2012