Is your neighborhood threatened by environmental pollution? Are your government officials not addressing these issues in a timely and effective manner?

Our organizers can work directly with you in your neighborhood, training and guiding you through the process of creating a group and running a campaign. We provide seven formal group organizing programs, as well as numerous trainings tailored to your community’s specific needs.

Planning a Winning Campaign—The first step to victory is knowing how to get there. We walk your group through the steps to planning a strong, effective strategy that will guide you to success. A good plan will set a timeline, use resources effectively, and set clear, common-sense goals.

Developing an Effective Message and Materials—Corporate polluters have millions to spend on ads and misinformation, but nothing speaks louder than an organized community with one voice. Toxics Action Center staff will help you build a concise and compelling message that will get your voice heard.

Building Your Group—The best way to reach your goals is by winning over the support of your community and building a vibrant group of allies dedicated to the same vision. Learn how to recruit other community members to maximize your political power and enact changes.

Organizing a Media Event and Making the News—In a battle of ideas, the press often tilts the field toward one side or another. This training is all about how to work with the media, make your campaign newsworthy, get your message and members front and center in your community. We walk through skills needed to build relationships with reporters and publicize your issue.

During our campaign Toxics Action Center was a critical resource and a constant participant in everything we did. From helping us craft our message to figuring out the best next steps, they had answers to every one of our questions. Their skills at facilitating meetings and keeping us moving forward were essential and impressive."
Willy Ritch, Leader of Back River Alliance.

Fundraising— We’ll help your group develop the financial base to carry out the fight, from building a budget to cultivating a vital fundraising pool. Your group will find ways to build membership, hold fundraising events, and write grants.

Winning Community Votes—If your campaign hinges on the vote of your city or town, then lining up and turning out those votes is crucial to success. Our organizers will work with you to draft the right question for the ballot, win majority support in your community, make a plan to get out the vote, and generate a buzz that peaks on Election Day.

Planning for Public Hearings and Meetings—Public hearings can provide a valuable forum to directly confront a polluter, influence a decision-maker, recruit new members, and get great media attention. Your group will develop a plan to win at an upcoming public hearing through galvanizing public support, lining up speakers, and preparing compelling testimony.

Partnership with Statistics for Action-Toxics Action Center has teamed up with Statistics for Action to help communities affected by toxic pollution and contamination understand scientific results and data and then utilize them in their campaigns. Being able to describe a problem and explain it with numbers builds credibility. Statistics add power to a story. Statistical data can play a key role in persuading decision makers and neighbors. Through our partnership with Statistics for Action, Toxics Action Center helps communities use data that make sense to the public in flyers, press releases and everyday conversations. To learn more about this unique partnership, click here.