Bangor, ME: Mainers organize to stop polluting mining operation:
Gravel mining would profoundly harm the Orono Bog Boardwalk

Orono ME, a town outside of Bangor, is home to Caribou Bog and the popular Orono Bog Boardwalk—a Registered National Natural Landmark. Unfortunately, this beautiful neighborhood recently came under threat as a nearby landowner and construction company applied to reopen a decades-old gravel quarry. Gravel mining can threaten air quality, water quality, and create serious noise pollution. Neighbors fear this type of mining, blasting, and stone crushing, along with other quarry related operations would profoundly harm the Bog’s ecosystems, aesthetics, and visitor experience. So Orono neighbors have begun to organize. They are launching a campaign to get a temporary ban on mining activities until town zoning can be revisited and revised to ensure this neighborhood and its beloved wetlands will be protected for years to come.