Biddeford, ME: Incinerator Finally Closes :
Big win for Maine residents fighting for incinerator closure

Victory is on the horizon for residents of Biddeford, Maine, who have worked for years with Toxics Action Center to push for the closure of Casella’s incinerator in their town. The “MERC” incinerator is right in the heart of downtown Biddeford, and for years it has caused problems with countless emissions violations, truck traffic, odor, and the resulting public health and environmental impacts. The incinerator has also cast a shadow over new development in downtown Biddeford. All that will soon change, since the City Council voted in July to buy out Casella, close MERC and create a curbside recycling program instead.
 It’s an enormous victory for Biddeford and a testament to the activists who worked for
 years to demonstrate public opposition to the incinerator and educate public officials on its health and environmental impacts. Toxics Action Center is now watching for impacts at the Juniper Ridge landfill, which will bear the brunt of MERC’s closing.