Crystal, ME: Aroostook town mobilizes to protect aquifer:
Crystal residents and Andy Jones of Toxics Action Center appeal before the Board of Environmental Protection in Augusta

The town of Crystal is a small community in Aroostook County, the northernmost county in Maine. It is a place of scenic views, open country, and clean water. Unfortunately now, a septic company is threatening the pristine beauty and safety of the town of Crystal. D.N. Septic Service got state approval to dispose of septage (the fluid from septic tanks) by spraying it in a neighborhood field. The disposal site is near homes, a church, and worst of all, it overlies an aquifer! The people of Crystal quickly realized that the government agencies charged with their protection were asleep at the wheel, so they took it upon themselves to take action. Community members are in the process of working to passing an ordinance regulating the disposal of septage and sludge at the local level. Toxics Action Center looks forward to continuing to work with the residents of Crystal to protect their air and water.