CT: Residents Travel To PSEG: Shut Down Coal!:
Press conference held at New Jersey headquarters

This fall, Healthy CT Alliance took their message to the New Jersey headquarters of PSEG, the owners of the coal-burning power plant in Bridgeport. The idea was sparked at a community meeting facilitated by Toxics Action organizer Claire Miller in May of last year. In collaboration with other groups such as the CT Coalition for Environmental Justice, Miller supported community leaders Elaine Thompson-Ward and Gloria Brown to envision, plan and execute this ambitious idea. In October, 25 activists boarded a bus and held a press conference in front of the New Jersey company headquarters, getting excellent news coverage. Elaine read a letter outlining the rich history of civil rights, freedom trail, and asthma in the neighborhood. Thanks in part to weekly coordination calls facilitated by Miller,  the NJ Environmental Justice Alliance participated in the effort and welcomed the CT activists in Newark. PSEG has not yet conceded that it’s time to do right by this low-income and community of color, but the heat is on!