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How fracked gas pipelines threaten our energy future in Vermont and Massachussetts

The expansion of fracking has changed the game in the energy world.  New pipelines and pipeline extensions across the country are proving dangerous battles for our health and planet.

In Vermont, citizens and environmental groups have joined together in a coalition to stop a proposed fracked gas pipeline, which would involve drilling underneath Lake Champlain.

Despite a setback in December, the coalition celebrated local victories as Shoreham, Cornwall and Monkton towns all supported referendums on Town Meeting Day opposing the pipeline.  Toxics Action Center Center facilitates the coalition and has helped build a vast grassroots network with support of almost 75 farmers, over 100 local businesses and 50 professors.

Meanwhile in Massachusetts, a new fracked pipeline is in the works for the northern border of the state. From the hill towns of the Berkshires, the Pioneer Valley all the way to Andover, neighbors are getting organized with Toxics Action Center’s help.