Keystone XL Pipeline Fighter Jane Kleeb Joins 450+ Community Members at Local Environmental Action 2016:
Local Envionmental Action 2016

“It’s critical to remember you will have days you win on the campaign, and days you will lose.” That’s the message famed Keystone XL pipeline fighter Jane Kleeb shared with more than 450 Local Environmental Action 2016 attendees. And it’s a big part of why Toxics Action Center has convened the conference annually for the past 29 years. The community members we assist are leading intensive efforts to clean up pollution, fight climate change, and protect public health, even as they care for their families and hold day jobs as mechanics, farmers, librarians, lawyers and more. For them, the conference has become a place to forge relationships with people experiencing similar struggles, hone their community organizing skills, learn about emerging environmental issues from experts, and be re-inspired by people like Jane. 

This year, you helped those things happen in a very big way. Local Environmental Action 2016 was the largest conference in more than a decade, with hundreds of people from across New England filling more than 30 workshop sessions and the halls of the exposition space.