MA: Moving towards a cancer-free local economy:
Finding solutions in local communities

For years, Toxics Action Center has worked to fight pollution in New England, much of which contributes to the high rates of cancer experienced by many area communities. As we continue to fight against these ongoing problems, we are also looking increasingly towards the solutions. In the Boston area, in partnership with the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production and the Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition, Toxics Action Center is working to support business transitions that reduce exposure to carcinogens for the long term– such as helping dry cleaners convert to “wet cleaning.” This is part of a journey toward cancer-free neighborhoods and a healthy economy. Through this partnership, we are holding a series of workshops to asses the problem and discuss strategies to eliminate carcinogens at the local level, such as recent ones in Framingham and Falmouth, MA this Summer. Through these workshops, residents in Framingham and Falmouth learned about causes and risk factors for various cancers, came to understand cancer rates for their own communities, and discussed action steps for transitioning potentially harmful businesses and industries towards safer alternatives. Going forward, we are continuing to identify more businesses that may be interested in transitioning away from carcinogens and using safer alternatives. Are you a business owner interested in reducing toxics exposure in your business? Support, resources, and grants are available. Email or call 617-747-4362 for more information.