MA: People Rally Against the Pipeline:
Residents speak out against Kinder Morgan Pipeline

All across New England, people are worrying about the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Traveling through Massachusetts and effecting all of New England, the fracked natural gas pipeline is furthering our dependence on fossil fuels. The pipeline is to transport natural gas that has been gathered through the dirty process of hydraulic fracturing of shale rock to release gas. The process leaves chemicals in the ground, water, and excess gas leaking into the atmosphere. The pipeline itself has the possibility to leak into our land and water, it is planned to run through private homes, and will threaten to disturb the delicate ecosystems' way of life. The pipeline will be paid for by taxes on our electric bills, and will only be bringing more dirty energy into Massachusetts.

The people of Massachusetts have spoken at town meetings, to their representatives, and in a cross-state rally culminating at the State House in Boston. People have expressed their concerns by organizing walks throughout the state to protest the dirty and unneeded pipeline.  In rolling sweeps, concerned citizens flooded the State House and spoke to their representatives and made their objections clear. "On this particular proposal, from what I know of it, I'm a little skeptical of it, "Governor Deval Patrick told reporters of Nashoba Publishing, "'[...][W]e [bring electricity prices down] in ways that are more energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive,' he said. 'And large-scale hydro is one way to do that, offshore wind is another way to do that[...]'".  We need your help to stop this dirty pipeline from ruining conservation land and running through private homes, with a proposal that puts the burden on the people, with the big corporations to benefit off of.

Let us bring in renewable clean energy that helps our state continue to be the most energy efficient state. Keep dirty fracked gas out of beautiful New England, please sign the petition below to tell Attorney General Martha Coakley to oppose the pipeline with us.

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