Members Use Legal Strategy to Stop Illegal Water Discharges:
Victory for clean water

Toxics Action Center member Joe Damon has been concerned about pollution from Connecticut Galvanizing Corporation for years, and for good reason. 
The company has a long history of illegally discharging zinc, lead and copper into Salmon Brook, which flows right through Joe’s backyard.“ The effect of these toxic pollutants on local wildlife is an affront to the natural beauty of the area,” Joe said. 
Toxics Action Center worked with Joe, National Environmental Law Center (NELC) and Environment Connecticut to find a fix to this problem. In January of 2016, NELC filed suit against the company, alleging that it had violated the Clean Water Act more than 2,000 times. Ultimately, that suit resulted in Connecticut Galvanizing Corporation being held responsible for its mess, required to install pollution control measures, and pay a civil fine for its illegal discharges. You helped make our partnership with NELC and clean water in Salmon Brook possible. We’re grateful!