RI: Neighboring Towns Unite to Fight Dangerous Strip Mining Operation:
Group uses multiple avenues

A group of Rhode Island residents have come together across town borders to fight COPAR Quarries, a corrupt and dangerous strip mining operation interfering with quality of life and polluting air and water in nearby residential neighborhoods. Says group member Denise Heitmann, “The noise from the quarry is unbelievable. I feel as if I'm living in the middle of a major city. When did we vote for this?...The citizens didn’t get a choice.” In addition to deafening noise, residents consistently deal with layers of dust and dirt covering homes and yards, discolored water, and house shaking due to blasting. With the help of Toxics Action Center, the Concerned Citizens of Bradford and Charlestown are working to bring media attention to the issue in order to encourage regulatory action, as well as continuing to pursue legal avenues to shut down the operation based on illegal zoning.