New Hampshire Moms Fight for Clean Drinking Water and Children’s Health:

Andrea Amico, Alayna Davis and Michelle Dalton did their research before they sent their kids to daycare at Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth, N.H. Like most parents, they worried about their kids’ education and emotional enrichment while looking at daycares, but never dreamed they’d also have to worry about whether the water their children drank there would be safe.  
Unfortunately, Pease Tradeport used to be a military base, and its water is contaminated with toxic fluorinated compounds once used there. Andrea, Alayna and Michelle were devastated by this news, but quickly rallied to form the group Testing for Pease. Testing for Pease began as a resource for everyone who  works or sends their kids to daycare at the former Pease Air Force Base, but has quickly become a leading voice in the national fight for clean drinking water in Air Force communities. Andrea, Alayna and Michelle have been advocating for more than two years now, and among other victories have helped win installation of water filtration systems and blood tests for their kids. Their work is not over, though, and with your support they’re continuing to create community resources and guidance for health care providers while advocating for long term health monitoring.