Portsmouth, NH: Creating a Coal-Free New England, One Step at a Time:
Portsmouth, NH tired of the old and dirty coal-fired power plant, calls for retirement

Schiller Station, owned by Public Service of New Hampshire, is one of the last remaining coal power plants in New England.

Through hard work from concerned citizens, we have recently been able to make the dream of a coal free Massachusetts a reality. Now, there are just three remaining coal plants--two in New Hampshire and one in Connecticut--and we have our vision of a coal-free New England in sight. By responsibly retiring dirty coal-fired powered power plants in New England we create a safer environment for ourselves and generations to come. The dirty air causes a multitude of health concerns and Schiller Station is one of the dirtiest coal plants and emits 100,000 pounds of toxic chemicals including mercury and lead every year. The plant is only being kept alive by massive subsidies paid for by the people of New Hampshire. More than 100 Portsmouth local business owners have already signed petitions in support of the plant's retirement and hundreds more citizens have weighed in as well.

Through clean, renewable energy sources and investing in efficiency, we can help provide residents with clean air and healthy communities. Let us come together to tell the Public Service of New Hampshire to retire this old dirty coal-fied powered power plant. Together, we can create healthy communities with healthy economies. Please help us by signing the petition below and telling Portsmouth Coal that it is time go to.

Sign here: https://secure3.convio.net/engage/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAct...