South Hadley, MA.: Halting A Landfill Expansion:
Regional vision to reduce, reuse, and recycle

South Hadley is a beautiful Pioneer Valley town, rich in history and culture, with one ugly problem: The South Hadley Landfill is applying to expand its operation to bring even more trash into an already enormous landfill, threatening public health and safety, as well as the health of the environment.

Already 60 years old, much of the current 
fill was taken in before clear environmental regulations for landfills existed. The Environmental Protection Agency clearly states that all landfills eventually leak, and what they leak is toxic. In the case of the South Hadley Landfill, the new berm already has serious cracks, posing a major threat to water in the area. Right now, more than 2,000 tons
, of garbage per week is trucked in from as far
sas New Jersey. South Hadley deserves better. Local leaders are calling attention to the public health threats of the landfill and charting a course toward a regional vision to reduce, reuse, and recycle.