VT: Vermont Yankee Announces Closure!:
Dedication pays off

August 27, the day Entergy announced the closure of Vermont Yankee by 2014, was a day of celebration for those working for a clean and reliable energy future for Vermont and New England.  Years of unrelenting dedication from local activists, such as Deb Catz of Vermont Citizens Action Network have finally borne fruit.

“This is a win for the people. Their relentless work has made the closure of Vermont Yankee possible,” said Catz.

The fight against the goliath Vermont Yankee proved to be a great example of partnerships across the environmental community in Vermont. SafePower Vermont, a multi-stakeholder coalition facilitated for many years by Toxics Action Center, worked relentlessly to hold Vermont Yankee accountable.

That fight continues now, as decommissioning of the plant begins. As the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance says, “The residents of the tri-state region can now concentrate on ensuring: a safe and thorough clean up; that Entergy pays for the decommissioning and greenfielding processes; as well as a positive transition for the workers and their families.”

Getting decommissioning right is no small feat. Community leaders know too well the importance of making sure this waste of generations past is handled in a deliberate, thorough and responsible way, for the safety of future generations.

Starting now, Toxics Action Center alongside with community leaders will be ensuring the state of Vermont holds Entergy accountable through the Public Service Board. The Decommissioning Alliance is also working to encourage the legislature to pass legislation requiring Entergy to be held accountable for the longer term cleanup and restoration needed.

Vermont Yankee is the first privately owned nuclear power plant to face closure. The nation is looking to Vermont to show what responsible decommissioning can be. As Vermont celebrates its victory for a cleaner, safer state, they prepare to use the next 20 year decommissioning period to ensure that all the generations to follow will be cleaner than the past.