Wells, VT: Lake St. Catherine Community Protects Water Resources :
Protecting backyard haven from toxic pesticides

Knowing that pesticides pose significant threats to human health, neighbors formed the group Chemical Free Lake to protect the health of Lake St. Catharine and community members. Toxics Action Center began working with the group this spring to ban pesticides use in Lake St. Catharine. The group is organizing with the mission to page out aquatic pesticide use and create a safe and effective milfoil management plan with non-toxic alternatives such as aeration or using weevils. 

Lake St. Catherine, located in the towns of Wells and Poultney, provide a backyard haven for many local residents and a recreation hot spot for summer visitors. Unfortunately, milfoil, an aquatic invasive weed, has spread persistently throughout the lake, threatening recreation and coking out native plants. For several years, the local lake association has treated the milfoil and recently planned to expand its toxic pesticide treatment plan with a new cocktail of chemicals.