Your Support Helps Residents Reach Major Milestone on the Road to a Coal-Free N.H.:
Residents express their frustration with dirty power plants

It is no longer profitable to burn coal. Across New England, communities have leveraged that reality to help shut down polluting, coal-fired power plants. But in New Hampshire’s Merrimack Valley and in Portsmouth, local leaders with the group Citizens for Clean & Fair Power have faced different obstacles. Until recently, the state’s last two coal plants were operating in a regulated environment that insulated them from market pressure. After a long legal battle, which drew to a close in July, this is changing. The coal plants are going to be sold and are very likely to be forced into retirement—a major milestone and huge relief for the people who live near the smokestacks. Over the next year, we’ll work with local leaders and the Conservation Law Foundation to watchdog the sale of the plants and help community members plan for a just transition.