Your Support Launched Historic Clean Energy Coalition:

You helped win a major victory last October when the owners of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Mass. announced the facility would close by 2019. Toxics Action Center has been working with community leaders on the South Shore and Cape Cod for more than four decades to protect New England from the unreliable reactor, which shares the same flawed design as the Fukushima reactor in Japan and has had an extraordinary number of unplanned emergency shutdowns and safety violations.

Toxics Action Center Lead Community Organizer Claire Miller has supported groups like Pilgrim Watch, Pilgrim Coalition, Pilgrim MUST, Cape Cod Bay Watch, Cape Downwinders Collective and others since she joined our staff five years ago. Claire grew up 10 miles from the reactor, and her high school was stocked with iodide pills to protect sensitive organs in the event of nuclear meltdown. This precaution was in place because of the advocacy of community leader Mary Lampert of Pilgrim Watch, who Claire now works with closely.

Mary has spent decades watchdogging the federal government's lackluster oversight of the reactor and is a prime exaplme of the robust power of community leaders. Their efforts are now more important than every. Pilgrim is still one of the most dangerous operating reactors in the country, and Claire, Mary, and the entire movement must now fight for the safest decommissioning possible, as well as a just transition for the town and Pilgrim workers.