What You Can Do

Take Action

Thousands of phone calls or letters written to a decision maker can pressure them to make choices that will protect the public's health. Click here to take grassroots action and keep toxic pollution out of our communities.

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Go To An Event

Toxics Action Center hosts a variety of events throughout the year to bring citizen activists together to network, learn new skills and strategies, and be inspired to work for cleaner, safer communities. There are hundreds of other citizens throughout New England who are standing up to powerful polluters, who share similar concerns and who are also working to improve their communities.

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We are supported through the generous contributions of residents from across New England. With a contribution of $25 or more you will become a member of Toxics Action Center and receive our newsletter, which will keep you up to date on our work in neighborhoods across the region. Your donations allow us to help communities working to prevent and cleanup pollution free of charge.

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Get Toxics Action Center's Help

Is you neighborhood threatened by environmental pollution? Are your government officials not addressing these issues in a timely and effective manner?

Toxics Action Center is here to help. We will stand side-by-side with you to protect your community.

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